blacklisted bike shop in hua hin

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  1. Just thought i'd post on my experience of buying secondhand from CP bikes hua hin and the catalogue of errors.

    Had valve dropped through piston after 1000k, so i decided to repair it myself, i found a real horror show in and around the engine, so here goes..

    2 different sets of spark plugs, 2 standard and 2 racing

    the carburetor main jets should be 108's according tthe haynes manual...but cp hadn't even put uniform jets on it, had a 98, 2 95's and a 90 (the 108 jets cost me 140 baht for 4 from a shop right oposite CP and took 20 minutes with a standard screwdriver to install, so theres really no excuse here)

    valve clearances again according to haynes manual, 120-180 microns on the inlets, some had clearances of 100, and one was 400!!, out of 16 valves only 4 where whitin tolerance.

    none of the above are even close to being acceptable on a performance bike like the cbr...

    So unless CP is the only place you've seen your dream secondhand bike, I wouldn't buy or get a service from them.
  2. Sorry to hear. I've had a lot worse in the land of Smiles. Are CP Thai or Farang shop?
  3. Hi Friends,

    For me being resident near by in Cha Am few month a year could you please locate the shop in order I could avoid it ?

    However i would moderate your disapointement by telling you that this happens everywhere even in Germany, where I found such kind of "work" on second hand bike I acquired weeks ago....No need to tell you the name of the shop
  4. Its near Hua Hin highschool
  5. Last time I rode by they were closed, I don't know if they're bankrupt or if they moved. I've heard my share of good and bad stories about them, all I can say is that after I had my disagreements with them they tried hard to make things right and pay up. Cost me a lot of time and nerves but they're not all bad. Show me a MC shop in a small thai town that has only happy customers...
  6. Hi friends,

    KZ wrote: "Show me a MC shop in a small thai town that has only happy customers..."
    And I agree... :?

    For my part here in CNX I avoid 2 popular MC shops on this forum (no need to give names) where I've only got the worst. Bad work and bad attended...
    But maybe it's me :roll:

    I think you did the best thing Mark: DIY... At least you know what you do on your bike.
    Furthermore, and obviously, when buying second hand (from Thai or from Farang: no difference for me!) you get an certain amount of risk. Can't open and check the engine, the gearbox, the harness and the rest... So we have to be aware of that: no other way...
    It happened to me too, and more than one time. Even if you check, re-check... and re-re-check (or do it with a friend who knows a bit), it's not a guarantee on the perfect health of the bike you are going to buy. You can only, in the best case, evaluate this "amount of risk" you are going to take...
    But it's part of the game. Better nor to worry so much... or never think buy second hand!

  7. Hi Mark. I told you to buy a fj :)
  8. The main reason why I got myself an almost new 250 rather than a ten year old 400 is that I won't need a mechanic to fix anything other mechanics have "fixed" before...

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