Blocked trail from Doi Suthep to the Hmong village

Just testing really. This is my first post after visiting Thailand for the first time Nov/Dec 2006. This was a fantastic introduction to Thai trails for some but a nightmare for others. For me it was the best days trail riding I had done in 28 years and just a taster of what was to come......the best holiday of my life, and the start of a love affair with Thailand.....I'll be back!


I expect this trail will die if no one clears it in the next few months. It would be a great shame.
Oct 12, 2005

I think I met you on a trail to Mae Hong Son with a group of riders on a tour, Yes? We had 3 riders going the other direction and stopped for a chat.

That Doi Sutthep trail is indeed loads of fun and has always had a couple trees across it. The rains this season took a heavy toll on the trail with multiple blockages. An easy fix would be a couple chainsaws, and viola, instant cleared trail. Problem is in Thailand the government has made private party chainsaws illegal to stop the logging poaching going on in its forests, or so I've heard. The other ways are a handsaw or building a fire underneath the log and burning through. Both not a quick fix. That trail is not a main thoroughfare between the villages so not enough motivation by the locals to fix it I beleive. Barrbbq and I talked about sourcing a chainsaw if we could to clear some logs. Sadly thats not the only trail with difficult blockages.

Great pics of the trail. Do fill us in on more of your fun times.
Yes I think it was yourself Silverhawk, and Pikey, those two logs were about the easiest to get under or over, it was tough. I wish I lived in the area, I would love to help clear it. It's a shame because it's probably impassable for any group less than about 5 as bikes had to be lifted over.

I expect everyone who rides these trails wants to live in Thailand. Some do and how lucky they are. Think of us in the cold and wet UK.