Blood 'n Guts In Hell - Wat Mae Kaet Noi.

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    If you think you've had a hard day at the office, then an afternoon at Wat Mae Kaet Noi will make you think again..

    It's a nice peaceful looking Wat,
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    You enter through the gates of the "Narok Sawan National Park Mae Gad Noi."
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    & your little adventure starts
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    Wat Mae Kaet Noi is probably Thailand's most gruesome Wat depicting life in Buddhist hell.
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    The gardens took 5 years to complete and are the "brain child" of Pra Kru Vishanjalikon.
    The garden is meant to educate people about the Buddhist after life.....behave yourself while you are alive & you will avoid a life in hell afterwards?

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    Wat Mae Kaet Noi may well scare the living daylights out of any meek person with it's graphic images. "Sex drugs, rock n roll" probably are not all that good for you after all; plus murder, theft & abortion's are also a confirmed no no.

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    A terrible way to go on a BBQ spit?
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    Don't hog the karaoke microphone too long?
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    In amongst the grotesqueness, some Buddhist serenity

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    The biker highway to hell
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    an ingenious creation & work of art.

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    Wat Mae Kaet Noi is on R1367 (the old R1001 San sai road.)]
    It is 3.5 kms from the main Mae Cho intersection of R1001 & R1367 / 4 kms from the R1367 & R121 intersection.
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  2. Nice photos! It is indeed a interesting thought provoking place!
  3. Across the street from Wat Mae Kaet Noi is a small coffee shop where you may want to rest both before & after enduring the scenes of Naraka - Buddhist hell

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    In Buddhism, one is first reincarnated over and over and over until one achieves nirvana (or deserves hell). Afterwards, one either enters heaven or hell - Naraka.

    The wise man makes his own heaven while the foolish man creates his own hell here and hereafter.

    Buddhism live by five religious precepts, which forbid murder, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and intoxication. Monks, meanwhile, must abide by 227 rules. Those who break them will pay in brutal fashion.

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