Blood Type


Oct 14, 2005
Not really bike related But there is somthing that is very important for
everyone to know. Over this past weekend there was an urgent plea for blood. A bad situation went to worse when a farrang was given the wrong type blood Darn near killed him. The community came together and the last I heard he is going to make it. Don't know why he ended up in the hospital. But, I did get the first notice from our little ride list here, that really surprised me.

There is some British excopper down there for the past
few days giving them hell about it. They apparently
don't maintain your blood type in your medical
records, my guess is this would be typical of Thai
hospitals. He making an effort to get a local blood
bank set up especially for the negative types.

I was thinking that it might to all our advatanges to
get something like the old dog tags writen in Thai
with you blood type on it. Maybe if yuor lucky someone will actually read it.
Oct 17, 2006
A very good post ... my wife has suffered from a rare type of Lymphomic cancer for the last 10 years due to a blood type screwup in a hospital in Prachinburi in 1998 she lost a baby and nearly died. She is on constant medication .
The hospital concerned destroyed her records so they would not have to pay compensation ,but was later closed by the government . i have had the financial burden of sending her twice a year to UK for treatment as its not available here.

So make sure you know your own blood type..mine is B+ my wife is O- my daughter is B+ your life depends on it.
Mar 15, 2003
In my old racing days I had my blood type stenciled on the side of my helmet. Of course there is no guarantee here that you and your helmet would arrive at the same location or that it would be noticed if it did. The dog tag idea is a good one.

I also try never to leave home without some form of I.D. card. I always feared getting knocked off my bicycle, as an example, without my wallet and end up being an "unidentified falang".

So, perhaps blood type, nationality, and passport number may be a good idea on those dog tags. :?:


Jun 28, 2007
One proposal, I will talk with Tony Dabbs from E-Insurance as many of us have insurances with E-Insure Thailand and ask him to force our insurers to put our bloodgroups onto the insurance cards both in Thai and English.


Oct 14, 2005
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats probably a great idea, cause if there is one thing the hospital will look at, it will It's gonig to be your medical insurance card. Maybe even before they try to put your leg on the gourney with you. :wink: