Bloody hell....this is chaos !!!!

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  1. Phuket Gazette report last week.".SIX YOUNG LIVES LOST IN ONE DAY."

    Its crazy down here at the moment...5 locals and 1 tourist were killed in motorbike accidents on Monday 22nd.

    I also know of another local rider that was killed when he ran into a car and another 2 very seriously interested in a separate accident during last week.
    Yesterday while out riding I saw another bike jammed under the back of a car at a set of lights and the rider being put in the back of an accident chaser.

    Its all starting to feel like a war zone , and the cops here are as useless as tits on a bull !!!

    Be careful out there , cos its probably not going to be your fault......until after it happens and the cops DO turn up !!!!
  2. I remember my first visit to Thailand in '04 and being unfortunate enough to see a few bike accidents. One in Ao Nang, Krabi and the other South of Kata there on Phuket. I've seen bike accidents here in the States but seeing a riders condition when only wearing shorts and sandals was shocking and sobering to say the least. Images I won't soon forget.
  3. read and watch the Pattaya media and its an average of 10 a week killed on Bikes but some weeks it reaches a lot more
  4. Even experienced riders have a learning period here, lots of things you won't see in your home country are common here. Be careful enjoy the next ride.
  5. Thanks for the reminders. Makes me dress accordingly to go out on the bike and also reminds me how good things are here in Chiang Mai in comparison. Well, apart from getting shot for abuse.
  6. Some Thai hit the side of an overpass and went straight over ending up dead on the road below in Pattaya recently. Always saddening to hear of fellow bikers deaths but in many cases it's darwinism at work.

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