BMW 1150 GS for sale

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  1. rhiekel

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    I am selling my 2001 1150 GS located here in Chiang Mai. A great bike in perfect condition, but my irrational purchase of a brand new Adventure forces me to sell this bike. It has 38,000 kilometers on it. Carefully broken, and has always run perfectly without any problems. Has many options on it, including bagster tank bra and cityh bag, adventure windshield, fatfoot on kickstand, driving lights,brand new adventure seat and rear rack,lowered muffler in order to put a full size left saddle bag on, and many other things. Tires are tourance and almost new. My email address is [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]. If you want a picture I can send one.
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  3. nok

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    Please call me on 01-8242886 if still aval.
    Thank you,

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