BMW 1200 GSA ... again problems with the tire air pressure gauge

May 25, 2006
Hi Friends,

Just want to signal a new problem with the tire air pressure gauge I encounter after a rest of 8 month of the bike.

Bike was stored in proper conditions with "an intelligent electronic battery charger" for 8 month, it started on the first attempt and run perfectly, except the tire gauge which did exactly the same than one year ago:

- front tire pressure display for few kilometers
- then, nothing no more tire presssure display but the orange warning triangle

Barcelona Bangkok who maintains the bike, did kindly and fairly already replace it for the same problem, one year ago (please see my post about itThank you Barcdelona ....dated 5th of September 2011 and the good service they provide us), but now it happens again ???

Does anyone has experience with such equipement ?

I should say, I am "a bit" disappointed with what I judge as a decreasing quality of the BMW bikes, since we have this bike mid-2009 we encountered a serie of problems we won't have met with a Japanese one...
Nov 7, 2007
It's indeed disappointing, however, with Barcelona Motors and their amazingly bad rep in the mix, you never know.

Kawasaki Versys is closing in on two years and apart from maintenance, nothing was ever wrong with it. That's kind of the expectation with a new bike. ER-6n I had before also never had anything wrong with it, other than the mechanics not connecting all the hoses back together after a service. Twice.

On a premium bike like the BMW I'd expect to have zero issues.