BMW's cheaper no import duty - True or Falde

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  1. Someone informed me today that BMW are now going to import their bikes without having to pay any import duty, something about a trade agreement.

    Hence new BMW's will be a lot cheaper.....

    Is there anyone out there that can verify this please
  2. Hard to believe, but nice if its true
  3. No import duty?! - I'll order a K1200RS for about $20.000 US right away!
  4. Probably means they will inport as CKD , (completelt knocked down Kits) then they will be re assembled here , it is common for BMW cars and reduces import duty but not eliminate it, however issue of quality control then arise.

  5. If this is so - and I trust John to find it out, then I wonder what will happen to the used BMW market. [:(]
  6. If prices of new BMWs drop, not a lot to wonder about, is there? Used prices would drop steeply. As a new owner of a BMW bought at a price indirectly kept high by import duties, I have to put myself in the hope-it-isn't-true camp! [xx(]
  7. Love the Idea!!! If anyone can Verify this i won't bother Importing a Big Bike i will just get a New BMW at a reasonable price??? Praying it is true but Hard to believe, these Trade agreements are a one way Street for the Benifit of Asia ( isn't everything ). Australia already has one with Thailand so why does a New Chevrolet Lumina which is a Holden Commodore Made in Australia cost twice as much here??? The 3.6 litre V6 Lumina costs 2 mil here which is $74.000 Aus approx. You can get a New SS 6 litre V8 for less than that in Aus with every extra.
    Keep me posted John?
    Cheers Ian.
  8. I read the Aust-Thai FTA... it is crap... about the only thing in there is protection of businesses owned by Australian Companies from being taken over by the state... particularly mining...

    You still can't get Thai labour to Australia without jumping through hoops and using black magic...

    You still can't move to Thailand and set up a business in other than a couple of industries...

    A phrase about the relative value of paper to usefulness springs to mind...

    Then again... TIT...

    P.S. both Commodores and Falcons are crap anyway... [:D]

  9. Dont worry, will make some more enquires....... Hey I have a 1150GS I want to sell.....

    Stay Tuned, more later (I hope...)
  10. The Thais are cunning import duties to Thailand are not based on value for vehicles they are based on Engine size,so big cars and big bikes get screwed.Even with FTA the duties would not drop much, look at asian made cars .

  11. Seems Monsterman may be on the right track re shipping in as breakdown bits.

    Below latest info I have, as you can see it's 3rd hand or so, so of course nothing definite yet
    "Hi John,"

    spoke to my friend re his info ,,

    said he got it 2nd/3rd hand ,

    but apprently the rumour is that BMW are going for some form of knock down
    but the issue is the putting back together once imported,
    techinacially they need to have a factory and specific numbers a month, but
    the story is that they are trying to sort something with the car operation,

    only stories but there could be some bit of truth there somewhere !!
    however TIT !!!!


    So the plot thickens guys'
  12. As BMW only shifts 100-150 new bikes a years from its four dealers the prices and after-sales service commitment would have to significantly improve to create a sales surge & thereby warrant such an operation.
    Maybe on the back of a car plant operation a bike operation could be added - but a significant dealership overhaul would be needed along with a management commitment beyond maipen rai.
    I just don't see it happening.
  13. Cheers for the technical input Rhodie, here's hoping you are right and I am wrong
  14. Captain, I will be at the Bangkok Motor Show on Friday, (Ian Bungy there Thursday), so will enquire on the BM bike stand, they sent me an invitation blurb on bikes displayed so at least they will have a presence there.

    Sorry i missed you, I wont be in CNX till after Songkran, we could have discussed the merits of Steve Wright In The Afternoon, (wonder if Pikey is listening to it now....

    have a good trip may catch you next time

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