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  1. Ian Bungy

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    I am Posting this on Behalf of a Gentleman Who lives out here in Mae Rim near Chiang Mai. He is Looking for a BMW 650. He wasn't Specific in Model but I am Guessing the F650GS but I am sure any Model would be Considered except Road Bikes? He Owns 2 Antique Harley Davidson's so wants a More Modern Useful Run About. If You have something for Him here are the Details:
    Name : Chris.
    Mobile #: 0800330884
    E-Mail : [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

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  3. Bert on the bike

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    Hi Ian

    Should it be a registered bike or is a not registered bike with import papers ok as well?

    I have a F650GS Dakar which I am not using anymore since I have my new 800GS and I am willing to sell it.

    Let me know if Chris is interested.


  4. Franz

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    Ian, Tum the former Yamaha sales guy who now does his own carwash business further up Yamaha square is trying to sell a mint F650GS on behalf of a Lampang Farang including 2 original side & topcase in his shop, asking price somewhere 300k plus. Sorry don't have any phonenumber & address, so Chris should go there and look for himself. It's about 1 km after Yamaha square on the same side. Cheers, Franz
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  6. Muzz

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    A friend of mine has a GS650 for sale in Bangkok for sale. It is on a USA plate and is not Thai registered. He is keen to sell, so I can make further inquiries if needed.



    PS: Ian, got stuck in Isaan for a few weeks, will be in CM next week and will bring the 330 kit over for you to have a look at.....

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