BMW Backprotector + Airflow 3 jacket FOR SALE

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    This is stuff I have had in storage at LivinLOS for a while and dont need anymore, so its got to go.

    First off is BMW's Backprotector 2, Size XL.
    Bought in Dubai BMW store in Mid-2008
    Condition is as new, I might have worn it all of 2 times. (Got a BMW Rallye 2 Pro jacket that I used instead)
    Would like 5000 baht, but open to offers, so dont be shy.




    Next is a BMW Airflow 3 jacket, size 66 German, 56R US size. Guess it would be a XXL.
    If you are kinda large and have problems finding a good jacket, this is probably right size for you.
    Condition is as new, no scratches, no tears, you wont be disappointed.
    High quality item that will last for decades with normal use.

    This is a really nice jacket, but unfortunately its way too big for me.
    Made of textile (Black parts) and heavy duty mesh panels (Grey-ish parts) and is well ventilated, ideal for Thailand.
    2 inner pockets, two outer pockets. Zips into any BMW pants with matching zips.
    Bought in BMW Barcelona Bangkok in Mid-2008 and used maybe a handful of times, its simply too big for me, I must have been drunk when I bought it. (Oh yeah, I lost some weight as well)
    Comes with BMW's CE backprotector pad, has shoulder and elbow pads as well, but they are not BMW, but some generic brand pads.
    Asking 5000 baht, firm. (Retail on these are well above the 20000 Baht range)






    BMW CE insert back protection

    Sizing on Airflow 3 back protector says its fit for 57-63 cm backs. (Can be hard to see)

    Send me a PM if you are interested.
    Location: Chiang Mai
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    Would love that jacket, but too big. Argh.

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