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  1. Here's a new one - BMW bike rental in Thailand.

    Discovery Moto Tours

    Rates in Thailand for an 2007 Model BMW R 1200 GS

    1-3 days charged at £120 per day
    4-7 days daily charge reduced to £113 per day
    7-14 days daily charge reduced to £105 per day
    14-30 days daily charge reduced to £90 per day

    Rates in Thailand for an 2007 Model BMW F 650 GS

    1-3 days charged at £90 per day
    4-7 days daily charge reduced to £85 per day
    7-14 days daily charge reduced to £79 per day
    14-30 days daily charge reduced to £68 per day

    For rental periods longer than 30 days please call to discuss. In Thailand we also supply breakdown assistance.
  2. Hello !

    I have rented a nearly brand new GS 1200 from them
    in december 2006.
    It was expensive, but perfect bike and perfectly

  3. I looked at the rates [:0] and dug out an old T shirt from Phuket. Now I'm working on the Thai corruption of "I DON'T WANT TO BUY YOUR TUK TUK"
  4. A Lot of Money, about 8400 Baht for the GS 1200 per day but a Million Baht Motorcycle so all relative i suppose? Good opportunity to Try before you Buy if you were considering Buying one? Seems to be a lot of Rich Buggers around now specially from the UK so they probably think it's Cheap not like us Broken Arses living here? Good Luck to them and hope it works.
    Cheers Ian.
  5. I think it is a bit of 2 things... one is us poor sods who spend 11 1/2 months/year doing something we don't want to do try to make up for it with 2 weeks of anything for fun. Another is that relative to other holiday expenses it is not too bad. I know a lot of guys who pay $US150/day for motorbike tours in places where they could guide themself...

  6. It is expensive compared to rental of Harleys in Thailand which cost more than BMW, harleys can be rented for as little as 2500 baht a day up to 4000 baht for a top of the range model, from at least 3 shops in thailand. And top of the line Jap bikes can be rented for much less,
    but the BMW operation probably has top notch insurance and technical backup so maybe that is what u are paying for.
  7. Naah it's aimed at the guys Daewoo is talking about who are used to everything being expensive, gas US$2+ a litre, pub lunch $25, Coffee & croissant at Starbucks $15. So $230 a day for a bike in paradise? They don't even blink. In contrast one can? rent a car in the US for $19.99 or maybe now 29.99 a day.

    Problem comes with their attitude to everything else here, Oh it's only $10..Lah,lah,lah... Which is why "we" are asked/expected pay double for most things here.
  8. That's the ones... Here in Aus an offroad bike tour costs THB5,330/day AND YOU SUPPLY YOUR OWN BIKE... to ride to Cape York is THB10,260.00/day on an XR, plus your own meals etc...

    These are people who wouldn't know that they can do exactly the same thing themself for THB1,000/day all up... and probably don't care... 14 days of joy a year, they aren't going to risk any hassles...

  9. A friend of mine here in Phuket has seen 8 GS's stored in a warehouse, he happened to be passing, all bikes were immaculate, and the same, so presume they are used for a tour group, but have been searcing the WWW but the only bike tours I have found so far are all on Phantom's.
  10. TJ
    The website is
    Discovery Moto Tours
  11. Thanks David, I wondered if it was them, but when BarryBBQ mentioned Erwin was involved, thought the mob in Phuket may have been someone else.
  12. David

    Have been checking their web site, the Google earth map of their tour for Southern Thailand is awesome, ideal planning for anyone wanting to tour down here.

    On their Grand Tour itenary, they mention going into Burma (presumably on their bikes), wonder how they managed to swing that one.
  13. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!

    I Checked out the Website. Terrible reading, full of lies, terrible prices and..... I don't know if I am getting soft while getting old but when I see that some people find a niche business by combining very good Internet Pages with talks from a slightly drunk AD Copywriter Marketing Guy, who probably has not seen a motorbike except from the car window and Thailand (and Burma) only from brochures. Just a few phrases from their Web pages:

    "idyllic paradise island of Phuket" Maybe it was and maybe TJ still thinks it is.

    "Chiang Mai in the high north, famous for dense lush rainforests" David do you see these rainforest every day?

    "We travel to the most remote areas of the country (the main road from Phuket to Chiang Mai)"

    "These remote areas are accessible only by 4x4 or our adventure bikes."

    "navigating rarely travelled mountain passes,"

    drive through river crossings, dense rainforests full of wild elephants, tigers and bears."

    "We’ll walk with untrained wild tigers " (drugged with amfetamine)

    "walk the famous bridge of the film fame." (the bridge has nothing to do with the film)

    "Our senses will be challenged on a trip into Burma.Our tour will give you lasting memories of this beautiful country." (3 hours opposite Mae Sot)

    "You’ll make new lifelong friends and literally have the time of your life."

    Even by stating that "We use exclusively 2007 model F650GS and the legendary R1200GS. These are simply the best all terrain touring bikes in the world." makes my heart beat, take a GS650 or a 1200 to a bad road and look what happens....

    and "For those riders who would like to refresh their skills before starting on the tour we recommend you opt to come a day early and opt for our pre-trip training and refresher package. This covers familiarisation with your bike, basic riding skills, bike control, emergency breaking, terrain and traffic awareness and riding with a pillion passenger. This course takes 1 day and costs £365." A very very cheap way to learn how to ride in Thailand and only in one day....

    "# Luxury support vehicle.
    # Option for passengers to ride in Luxury support vehicle.
    # Extra luggage can be carried in the support vehicle.We create an atmosphere of friendship and discovery. We all go on the journey together, and we hope to make new friends.Fitting two weeks worth of clothes for two into a set of panniers is not really practical or comfortable."
    Real adventure and I have had problems for a long time to get all my clothes to fit in my rucksack so this is a splendid idea for a real adventure....

    And then about the reasoning behind the high prices:

    " Typically you’ll have to pay (included with us) the following aprox. daily costs; fuel £15, tolls £10, lunch £10, dinner £15, parking £7, entrance fees £12." All typical Thai prices.


    Anyhow I think it is he responsibity of the GT Board to react and inform the organizer about our opinion together with some information to other internet sites close to the organizer. Who is the one with a poison tongue who can take the resposibity for this.

  14. Hiko

    Well done mate, you should send a copy of your email to Erwin Ruser the head of BMW Bikes Thailand, I would love to be a fly on the wall when he reads it.

    "idyllic paradise island of Phuket" Maybe it was and maybe TJ still thinks it is.

    Phuket is very scenic, but from the water, not the road, the off shore, uninhabited islands are quite something, once you get away from the tourist boats, but obviously on their bike trip, they will be in amongst it with the tourists.

    perhaps if they punters for the bikes come from depressed towns of the UK etc., anywhere would seem better.

    But on a positive side, you must admit the Google earth maps are impressive
  15. I don't think he will be reading this as Erwin Ruser has gone back to the fatherland.
    His position is now vacant - let's hope his successor, if one is appointed, manages to instill an ethos of service among the dealerships.

    Hiko has punctured the advertising flammery beautifully.

    No doubt the people behind the enterprise are selling a dream that is ludicrous for GT riders to read.
    A shame as the reality -as found on these pages- is far more appealing.
    I do think that charging 1500baht a day for tolls & entrance fees is pushing credibility - even those well heeled bikers.
  16. Wow i have been here 16 Years and am still waiting to see any Wild Animals let alone Tigers and Bears??? I must be Riding the wrong Trails??? I doubt you could have Taken either of the BMW's and definitely not a 4X4 in some places where we went on our Trips but on a Serious Note I would Guess the Trip is Designed for Rich People with very Average Riding Skills and the Idea is Reliving their Lost Youth and Posing with some attractions added in so in that sense it probably Furfills their Expectations. Don't be too hard on them as there are Loads of False Rubbish & Rip Offs sold on Web Sites everywhere and these Guys will Probably make some People Extremely Happy. Don't Forget most people are not as Fortunate as ourselves to Live where we have the Best of Riding and Attractions at our Doorstep and they also don't have the Time or Ability to be able to Go we some of us have been, But they may have the Money!!! And that's what it's all about so Live and Let Live. Serious People will make the Effort of some research and find out what they need to know? This is filling a Niche Gap in the Market. There are some Great Opportunities avalible now that i can see Providing for Top End Tourists everywhere especially here in Chiang Mai, Just look at the Number of 5 Star and Up Hotels being Built here now. We are getting More Customers from the Likes of "Four Seasons" &
    "The Oriental" all the Time, They don't mind Paying so long as they get Good Service and Top Equipment. So if you have some Spare Cash and want to Start a Business providing for these People Now is the Time! But be Warned you have to Work for it!!! If you can't think of what to do? Call in at the X-Centre and i will give you some Ideas, For what it is worth? All the Best.
    Cheers Ian.
  17. personally I'd be pretty freakin' scared of a tiger on amphetamines :twisted:
    As a rental I'd be happier with a cheaper japanese variety, but as Daewoo said their are people who would pay that without even blinking

  18. Compares well with Harley or other big bike rentals in the USA too. I guess people crash those things a lot.

    In general, try to do what you like, better for everyone ;)

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