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    Today, BMW was shooting a commercial, behind the condo complex where I reside, for the new 2012 800s model,
    which features the Austrian built Rotex parallel twin engine and belt drive. It was a hot sunny day,
    the rider for the shoot was wearing leather gear and was drenched in sweat!

    Earlier, they staged a fake accident to demonstrate the ABS brakes. A pick-up and a van supposedly
    were colliding with each other as the bike was driving towards the vehicles and stopped in time. This surely looked
    realistic in the cameras view, but all of the vehicles were stopped within 15-feet of one another.





    All yours for somewhere in excess of 300,000-Bt!
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  3. johngooding

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    Thanks for the pictures Jay. The F800S and F800ST have been around a good few years. They were supposed to be a good competitor to the Honda VFR800. They are a good bike, but as many BM"s, slightly strange angular looks at the front. BMW Mottorad Thailand stopped importing these a couple of years ago, when the F800GS and then the F800R were introduced. As for the price, you may be lucky to find a 5 year old one for 300,000 Baht. A new one would be above 700,000 Baht.
  4. cdrw

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    My typo...not 3xxx,xxx...but about 8xxx,xxx
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    I rode an 800ST 2500 km last year in Spain, not a bad bike but performance similar to an ER6 so seen the price difference here you better head for Kawasaki at Rama 9 (and get better service too...)

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