BMW Concept 6

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  1. Just picked this one up in an austrian newspaper:
    BMW Concept 6, as the name says a 6-cylinder which has 130 Nm of torque already available at 2000 rpm, power should be similar to a modern 1300 carengine, should have 1300 cc displacement, 55' angled forward and seems to be things to come for another revamp of the K-Series. Max. rpm should be 9000 as this engine will have longer strokes as usual just to save space. Nice design and interesting technology. Cheers, Franz


  2. Franz

    Looks intresting, and time will tell if it's never end up for the shops, surtainly not for LOS for loong time
  3. Franz, thanks for posting. It's as ugly as fook, with a wheel base longer than a Routemaster Bus and with the Green days ahead of us, I can't see the point of a six cylinder motorcycle anymore. But an interesting concept.... :D
  4. I like the looks, apart from those exhaust tips. Smooth out the lines a little, give it a decent paint job and it'll look alright. But why a wide 6? Only five cylinders would have been something nobody has built yet and just a bit wider than a four. Or a VR5 with the second and fourth cylinder just far enough back so it would not be wider than a four. Then again, those Bavarians seem to know what they're doing...

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