BMW confirm 800r to be made in rayong 2014

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  1. BMW plant in rayong is adding a motorcycle assembly line alongside the cars assembled here from CKD kits , 40% local content with production starting march 2014 , eventual capacity about 1000 bike a year to begin with first model will be the 800r parallel twin current price 790,000 after assembly here probably 35% cheaper 499k???? other models will follow , the engine will come from BMW /Rotax plant in china it already does that for EU assembly ..
  2. This is the Article from the Bangkok Post:
    Now according to this they want to manufacture 650cc and up for the Local and domestic Market so We may well see a decent Range of Bikes at a Decent Price Fingers Crossed!!! ( Hope their Service Centres improve with their Prices! ) The More the Merrier I say! All the Manufacturers are getting into it now! Suzuki will be coming in Big this Year also!
  3. Suzuki, I'll believe it when I see it, they've made grand announcements for years without anything ever happening 555

    Doesn't really matter anymore of course - Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, and now BMW are plenty. Even the Chinese bikes seem to get better; people seem to like their Keeways.
  4. begining to see a few apprillia's around pattaya ,, some one is bringing in low mileage models ,,,have seen 3 750 shivers this week 2 red one white and a Tuono ,all ridden by thai's ,
  5. It would be something the same as Ducati 795 ??
    I don't have one, but the 795 was making a great wave in Vietnam last couple months. Very soon after, people very disappointed about 795 then the price is now coming down terribly bad.
    Hopefully not the same thing to the BMW800.
  6. why are they dissapointed with M795?????
  7. Bump..
    I'm curious to know as well. Please tell?
  8. Well i am working with some Vietnamese bikers on a job in Dubai and one has a M795 and the other guy has a HD 883,, I asked what s the issue with the M795 ,, Anh said he loves his but the problem is that the local service is terrible and the bike is too powerful for most situations and rides and many owners would rather have a HD or cruiser or trailbike .
  9. So not a problem with the actual bike then?
  10. I believe that most disappointments with the M795 come from the fact the bike in its standard trim is not that comfortable to say the least. It has a very sporty riding position and stiff rear suspension. Ofcourse some like it but many don't.

    An ER6 would have been a more sensible choice for many but they wanted to own a Ducati I guess. Here in Thailand many 795s were sold and many second hand ones are available now.
  11. So back on topic, sort of.. Its really good news about the 800R. I'm hoping BMW doesn't do what that British bike brand does, building here and holding on to that "exclusive-brand-premium-pricing"....

    But still @VietHorse, I'm really curious to hear the reasons for people being disappointed with the 795 Monster.
  12. Super News...can't believe I did not see this earlier.

    I am hearing 450K for the 800R from my Thai friends. Makes sense. They have to get it in the price range to compete with the Ducati 795.

    I suppose with the money saved, you could turn the 800R into your own custom Touratech 800 Adventure Bike.
  13. As a lot of people will be aware now the BM F800R was released at the BKK Motorshow this last week at a great price of only 440,000 Bht. It looks very well kitted and features I liked were the standard ABS, 2 ride modes, the analogue speedo and tacho and the rear shock has adjustable spring pre-load without tools and adjustable rebound damping. Wet weight is only 202Kg. With 87hp and a great riding position it will give the new Yamaha FZ/MT09 (435K Bht) without ABS a run for its money just on pricing alone.
  14. Exciting news! A fantastic bike and a tremendous value, by Thai standards! At that price BMW will sell tons of them here, remains to be seen if their service network will be able to cope with all the additional business. Personally, for peace of mind, I'd service and maintain a BMW in Thailand myself.
  15. BMW will be Expanding their range of Locally Assembled Bikes so keep listening as the F800GS will be one! A Dirt Bike around 500cc would be more to My liking but a New GS800 for 160.000 Baht Cheaper than the Grossly Over Priced KTM 690 Enduro would do fine!!! I asked KTM about the 390 Adventure that has had Photos circulated on the Web lately and they said it was Photoshop and not True!!! They may make a Supermotard next Year but No Adventure Bike planed!

  16. Someone just shared a post on facebook from BMW Barcelona with the locally made F800GS priced at 530k baht, not as good value as the V-Strom but quite a few baht saving over the imported one.
  17. Hmmmm ... doubt they will sell many at that price ,,,,, and who would trust barcelona ...
  18. Great News skybluestu ! 530.000 Baht is still a Big Improvement on the Previous Price!!! Also worth Noting that Triumph Prices are due to Drop 25% by the end of the Year I am Told! Now I will wait and see what the Price of the Tiger 800XC comes out at? Either the F800GS or Tiger 800XC will obviously be the Next Bike to add to My Collection at this stage! I would still prefer Bike like the XT660 but one of these will Do!!!
  19. I agree, the F800GS would be a fantastic bike to have locally made here. I just wonder whether the Thai workers will be looking this miserable on the production line?

  20. BMW started making the first model of BMW Motorrad's F800R in January and yesterday announced assembly of a second model, the F800GS

    Group Thailand president Matthias Pfalz said the company was keen on motorcycles with engine sizes above 800cc.

    He said BMW planned to compete more aggressively in the Thai market, and local assembly could reduce the retail price by 30-40% compared with import motorcycles.

    BMW Group Thailand expects double-digit growth in its motorcycle sales this year after the F800R is ready for delivery in July and the F800GS will be delivered in the next two months," Mr Pfalz said.

    BMW Motorrad reported robust sales growth of 38% last year, shifting 400 units.

    In the first half of this year the company sold 218 motorcycles, up by 7% year-on-year, while sales of BMWs and Minis stood at 3,720 cars, down 4%
  21. Deserves a new thread, doesn't it? The F800R is a bit of an oddity - I guess BMW used it to test the market. The F800GS is quite possibly the best all-round bike BMW makes and undoubtedly one of their top sellers. This is a huge deal!

    Great price, great bike.
  22. Went for official launch of F800R, took this video of Chris Pfeiffer stunt show.

  23. He signed my t-shirt :smile1:


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