BMW Dakhar


Jan 28, 2006
Hi Riders

In my local shop in Phnom Penh they have a BMW Dakhar 650 -03 or 04.
I have never had a BMW so I ask you guys, what is the up and downs with that bike. They ask US 7000 for it, can probaly barging a little, any comments on that???

Thanks and viva rainy season which is coming up


Scandinavian riders Banlung


Feb 6, 2006
I have an '03 and can tell you it is a great bike!

Some points:

It is taalll. I am 6 feet 1 inch and sometimes struggle a bit when off road. You may be better off with a standard one, they are ok on dirt roads, dakars are purpose built.

I paid 170 000 baht for mine with 45000k's No rego though but I have the invoice so it can be done.

Very reliable - as you would expect

Change all the fluids on it if you buy it or make sure the shop does it. Properly

PM me if you have any questions
Jan 22, 2005
We love the Dakar!! And at six feet even, my feet just touch flat footed. The extra height of the bike is great for when off road and into mud, sand, deep water and what have you. We also ride 2-up a good deal and the bike works well here too.

GO FOR IT and enjoy

David and Mai
Chiang Khong
1150RT and 650 Dakar
Jul 6, 2004
Hi Hovis,
I agree with David,
I rode a Dakar up through Asia in 2004-05 done 38,000k's on a round trip from Brisbane to Chiangmai, The only parts outside of regular maintenance was a battery and a back shock under warrantee. Plus the BMW dealership in S.E. Asia is second to none.
Still got old Doris with 60,000k and running like a train.
try out Link removed for some photos.

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Dec 19, 2005
been clocking 25.000 km on a regular 650 GS with not a single problem apart from a bad battery. Traveled a substantial part of those km Two-up with bags and plenty of camping gear.
Chose for the GS and not dakar as the missus uses it a well and I find the bike's centre of gravity a bit high already. Depending on the tires you fit it can be a very efficient enduro tourer.

Some people complain about the bike's fuel injection that sometimes seem to be confused and is said to surge the bike. Never troubled me though.

Check if you want to know EVERYTHING about the bike. You'll find links to comprehensive maintenance guides there as well.

The price is +/- what people ask in mainland europe for a 03/04 bike, which I find high.