BMW F 650 Dakar Enduro for Sale (Cambodia)

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  1. scorpion1000

    scorpion1000 Member

    BMW F 650 Dakar Enduro (650 cc)
    Ideal for 2 persons

    Bodystyle: Adventure
    Color: Blue
    Manufacturer Country: Germany
    Introduction year: 2002
    Displacement (cc) 652
    Engine Type: Single-Cylinder (very reliable Engine)

    1[sup]st[/sup] Registration
    in Cambodia: Jan 2007

    Additional Features and Information:

    This bike has ABS which adds safety
    Tires are almost new, recently imported from Germany
    The bike comes with a full gasoline tank, ready to start.
    Bike has recently been maintainenced (by expat mechanic) in Phnom Penh

    Bike comes with original BMW, second hand, boxes like on the pic.

    The bike can be purchased within 1 day and the new owner can cross the border to Laos, Thailand and Cambodia easily. Please ask if you have any questions

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  3. Pgrierson70

    Pgrierson70 Member

    How many KMs has the bike done?
  4. Pgrierson70

    Pgrierson70 Member

    Hi Mike,

    Not sure how to reply, apologies if you have multiple responses from me! Just want to know how many kms? some history for examples - how many owners, what was the bike used for? any upgrades? I am interested & would appreciate a few more pictures.

  5. scorpion1000

    scorpion1000 Member

    Hello Paul,
    nice to hear from you. I will make a few more pictures later when I'm back home.

    Here some more general information:

    The bike had 2 previous owner. One was a person from the USA who imported the bike to Cambodia. The other one was my German friend who owned the bike for the last 2 years but used it very rarely (just 1 long-distance trip for about 6-7 days). As his work contract ended during June 2014, I took over the bike in June 2014 and did 2 good weekend trips with the bike so far.

    The Pedo says that the bike has around 20.000 km but I know for sure that they reset the Pedo once and the real mileage is between 30.000 km - 35.000 km (that's the same estimation I got from the BMW mechanic who maintained the bike regularly during the last years)

    Regarding modifications: The bike got brand new original BMW tyres in June 2014 and it has a BMW rack for clipping the original BMW aluminium suitcases to the rack. You will get the bike inclusive the original BMW boxes - ready for long distance travel.

    Please let me know if you need more information. I'm happy to provide everything what I know about the bike.

    More pics will come...

  6. Pgrierson70

    Pgrierson70 Member

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for your response. Are you saying that the odometer reading could be much higher than 20k?

    Look fwd to additional pictures.

    Kind regards
  7. scorpion1000

    scorpion1000 Member

    Hi Paul,
    it looks that my PM with the picture link did not get through. Here you can find additional pics

    If you want me to take pics with the aluminium cases attached - just let me know and I can do more pics for you.

    Regarding the Pedo. I do not know exactly when they reset the Pedo but it's very likely that the bike has 30.000 km. Sorry for not being able to provide a better answer. I know for sure that the previous owner did not ride more than 2500 km with the bike during the last 2 years. With all the Infos I have about the first owner and the statement from the expat mechanic who did the maintenence - 30.000 km seems to be a very realistic estimation. It should not be more than that.

    Let me know if you need any other information. You are welcome.

  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Here's the bike


  9. Pgrierson70

    Pgrierson70 Member

    Okay, Thanks Mike.

    Bit concerned about the kms & history & its a long way to come to find out. I'll think it over.

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Kind regards


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