BMW F650 Dakar for sale

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  1. 2003 model. 51 000klms.

    New Chain and sprocket, Standard apart from air box mod and K&N filter. Good michelin tyres. Recent oil, fork, brake and coolant change.

    B 180 000

    Phone Dave 087 943 6993
  2. Oh, also has an invoice so it can be registered.
  3. Hi Bung,

    That sounds an attractive price especially compared to what I paid for my 05 Dakar in 05 in Melbourne.

    My questions are these. If it has an invoice so it can be registered what is the status of the bike at the moment? Does it have any registration at the moment? Where was it initially sold/ where is it imported from? Where is the bike now? Does it have the Dakar seat or the seat shaped seat fromthe f650 series? Does it have any panniers etc?

    I will not be back in SEA for about a month, what id your time frame?


  4. Hi Laud John,

    It isn't registered at the moment but can be done. All the numbers on the invoice match the bike. I had been to the lisencing centre to see about it and the guy there said it could be done. That way you get a real green book not something with dodgy numbers in it. I have it insured.

    The bike is in Phetchabun. It was sold then imported from Japan. It is completely standard apart from the K&N filter and an airbox mod I found on a popular F650 website. The seat is as new. No panniers.

    I will be here for another month then off to work for two months. You could come see it if I was away, my wife speaks English. Email me via my profile if you want some pictures.
  5. Hi ,

    did yo sell the DAKAR ??
  6. ^ Still got it. I'm thinking of keeping it now. It's such a great bike for around here. I'm kind of in two minds about it...

    Everyone who asks about it wants it to have a green book....Like I would be selling it for that price with a book!
  7. Bung

    I am still interested

    Can the bike be exported legally??

    That is could you get the bike to/through the Thai side of the Aranyaprathet/ Poipet border with Cambo?

    Once there I can deal with it in Cambo (where I want the bike)


  8. I've got no idea....Seeing how it has the invoice I am sure you could export it legally. All the numbers match. Not sure if you could ride it without a plate but shouldn't be a problem on the back of a pick up, I will fill out the sales paperwork if you buy it and anything else. I've been riding it around and never had a problem with the cops, I even have it insured, it was easy, B600 for a year!I guess you need to do some homework. Here would be a good place to start, why don't you post a question about it? I'm sure someone here would know.
  9. Has this bike been sold yet?
  10. if the bike is still up for sale, im staying in thailand for the forseable future and am intersted in the bike.
    my name is simon and you can reach me on....0894970256
    hope to hear from you

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