BMW F650 GS 2001, Red Sold

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  1. "Sold, pending Funds"

    Red BMW F650GS 2001
    34000 KM
    Legal Green Book

    Good condition, Tires have around 5000 Km on them.

    Loads of mods and farkels from TouraTech and others on it too much to mention. Most notable is the twin headlight assembly and the front fender with a light, but there are handlebar risers, footpeg lowers, chain covers etc...

    1 set of TouraTech Zega Panniers with inner bags.

    BMW Top box

    Price 200.000 Baht (Deal of a life time) OBO

    Bike is registered and located in Phuket

    You can reach me on email:

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    or mobile 0857817002




    gallery_2_20_70734. [/b]
  2. Plz. check your email

  3. Check your email please
  4. BMW System cases sold seperately to PSS.

    Thanks PSS.

    Price on bike lowered.
  5. Back up for sale.

    Lowered price.
  6. Still for sale
  7. Hi there,

    just sold a 2003 F650 through a thai website my Thai friend suggested.

    Not sure if I can post the site here but google "thaiscooter"

    Within one week it was sold to a Thai gentleman who already owns a few BMW's.

    Good luck.

  8. Is the bike still for sale and what i the new price??
  9. I am interested in the bike and have emailed you
  10. Sorry, was my birthday on the 17th, took a few days to get over it ;)
  11. I'm still interested, do you have updated asking price?
  12. Stubzi, send me an email again, please.
    I haven't received the first one it seems.
  13. Hi,

    I forwarded you another email to the address in your earlier posts...hope it finds you!

  14. Is this bike still for sale. I've seen the same question asked a few time after the price was lowered but have not seen your reply.
  15. All been replied to.
    Still for sale.
    Got 3 interested buyers at the moment.
  16. To bad the price seems to be going up instead of down. Deal of a lifetime? Maybe it was at 200k but now?? I'm sure the bike will sell as there are some that will pay anything if they want it bad enough. Just my opinion of course. Chok dee
  17. I think 200,000 is very cheap for a fully legal F650 actually, if you take a look at previous bikes which have been sold.
  18. Just to clarify:
    In the original post, before I took it off again, and then relisted it, the price was 350K, so I have gone down quite a bit. (Other F650s have gone for 300-350k, for what I can remember off the top of my head around here, these were all stock bikes, with little to no accessories on them)

    When I relisted it at 200k, about a week later I had 3-4 interested people contact me.
    Stubzi came around, saw and drove the bike, here in Phuket. But his wife was "not in love with it" as he sent me later. If he had wanted it, it would have been sold at 200k.

    Fast forward to the present.
    I have been given an offer, but no deposit yet.
    The offer is 250k, but its for someone who dont have time to come see it before end of this month.
    If anyone wants to pay 250k, right now, or close to it, its theirs for the taking, as I know Im running a risk, by holding it for someone, if he backs out. This potential buyer has been informed, that if anyone comes close to his offer, it would go to them instead and understands this.

    Here is a total parts list that comes with the bike:

    Topbox with keys
    High front screen (Original small screen in a box somewhere)
    Accessory plug (aftermarket installed in rear compartment)

    41 Liter TT-Zega Panniers with mounts(Has a dent in one pannier, not a real problem)
    Handlebar risers
    Wide footpegs
    Foldable gear lever
    Chain cover
    Rear ABS cover
    Front sprocket cover (Not fitted)
    Bendable sidemarker/indicatorlights, front and rear
    Brake oil reservoir cover
    Ohlins rear shock
    New Frontlight assembly (2 HID Lights)
    GPS mount for Garmin E-trex type (Garmin Legend, Vista etc)
    TouraTech/Acerbis Handguards/protectors (Not fitted)
    Frontlight protective screen (Not fitted)
    Sidestand footprint enlarger
    Extra tanks and mounting kit (2x11 Liters, not fitted, needs drilling into main tank for siphoning) (Was planning to sell on Ebay, unless good deal)

    Front fender with light
    Rear rack(Not fitted, needs top box removal, been using Top Box instead for helmet storage when leaving bike)

    Crashbar/lower leg protector
    Brake cylindercover

    Other mods:
    Battery wiring changed to allow for scooter/small motorbike batteries to be used instead of original BMW battery (Makes good sense in Asia, where small motorbike shops are everywhere, and only few BMW dealers)

    Thats about it, if you total the costs of these accessories and the bike, its still a pretty damn good deal.

    Bike has fully legal green book, and insurance is paid until August/September this year.
  19. Hmm..I actually had to google "Bait and Switch" to find out what it is.
    I take it you think Im a fraud?

    Up to you as they say here..

    Anyway, I have been reluctantly open about it on the phone and email to two interested guys yesterday about the offer I was given.
    If the potential buyer who made me this offer wants to comment here, he is more than welcome to do it. I guess he is a member or knows someone here, cuz its the only place Ive advertised it for sale.

    For clarification:
    When I relisted it, I didnt throw the extra tanks and a couple of other parts (Not mounted yet) in the mix, because I was planning to sell them on ebay after I got rid of the bike. They are now in the offer.

    I sold my second set of panniers, the BMW system cases, to PSS several months ago, when I put it up for sale at first, he can also feel free to make any comment on this sale he wants.
    I took the listing down for a while, because I had to go away for work, and couldnt complete any sales in that timeframe. I relisted it when I got back, with new price 200k.
    lotuseater and Stubzi could have gotten the bike immediately, if they wanted it, at 200k.

    Seriously, would you turn down a +50k offer just to hold the bike for another month?
  20. I recon when the guy realizes he's actually offered you another grand (and not just 50 of them bart things) he'll do a bit of back peddling. Having said that I do wish you luck
  21. John

    Sorry, but I'm not able follow your comment here.
    Being a non-native English speaker, something must be lost in translation somewhere.

    He emailed me, said he saw the bike at 200K. Then offered 250K, if I would hold it for him to return to Thailand. I replied I would, but if offer was matched or close to it, I would sell to another.
    Sent him email about this thread this morning, but haven't heard back from him yet.

    GFs family could live on these extra 50k for 1½ years in Issan, she told me...
  22. If someone has offered you what you originally asked for, then imo go for it
    - unless the guy sends you a 50k non-refundable deposit within 24hrs by Western Union.
    The market is soft and the riding season is half gone.
    Just my 2 satangs worth.
  23. Well, the riding season never really stops does it?
    Just the clothing changes a bit ;)

    If this deal falls through, dibs for the bike goes to lotuseater, if his wife still wants it, and thats at the original price agreed upon.
  24. to the OP:

    you posted the original price of 200 k was "lowered" for the bike sans (without) panniers. Fair enough. Several bikers asked you the simple question of the new price of <200k.

    Then someone posted the price increased from <200 k (I would reckon ~ 188 k) to 250 k.

    First time I sold a bike, it was one of my 2 BMW R 45s. The "buyer" s a i d he would come at a certain time. I washed the bike, ran her so it would start immediately - then waited for hours. What I'm saying is, anyone can s a y they will pay THB 50 k more, but where's the payment?

    No offense to anyone, including the mystery bidder. But if I was him, I would just pay for the bike and ask you to hold it for X weeks. Maybe throw in THB 1,000 for that or have a mate collect the bike. Or pay to have you ship it via the Post Office or whatever.

    Something is wrong here and I would ask you to honor your own price or remove the ad. i wouldn't want to deal with someone who plays such games, including intentionally overlooking repeated questions.
  25. Concur!!

    Exactly as I see it.

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