BMW F650 GS for sale 295,000 baht, The Swiss Army Knife of Bikes

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    My 650 GS has been upgraded to a Dakar with 21" front wheel, Ohlin shock etc. I have recently added many new parts including; Battery, Brakes (front and rear), both Sprockets and Chain and new tires yesterday! The bike is fully equipped with Turatech panniers, Tank Bag and Hand Guards. It also has a BMW rear box and a custom seat. The bike has been expat owned and is 100% ready to tour where ever you want to go, be it SE Asia or around the world. Full Thai registration including Green Book and Insurance. Contact at: 0844268583 or [email protected] Jack in Chiang Mai

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  4. madjbs

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    Would you be interested in selling the panniers and rack separately, and for what price?
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    guessing this one has long been sold..

    these boxes not really my style but I can imagine they're good in traffic... cars will steer well clear of those things...
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    I prefer BMW system cases although they are less strong and more expensive. If the bike has been sold I would be interested in knowing how much it went for? I am thinking of selling my 2001 F650gs with 11,000km and am not sure how much it is worth.

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