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  1. Hi

    I am selling my red 2001 F650GS, it only has 12,000km on the clock and was bought new from Barcelona BMW in BKK, I also personally know both previous owners. The bike has an Ermax screen on it, touratech progressive front suspension, rear brake caliper and master cylinder guards, chain guard and a Dakar extra padded seat (low seat included too). The bike is in very good mechanical condition but some of the paint is starting to fade slightly and there is some bubbles in the engine casing paint as is usual on early models. Bike is in BKK but may be able to post elsewhere or take to Chiang Mai. Price is 260,000 THB, photos to come if people are interested.

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  3. Looks in good condition still.
  4. where is the bike now in Bangkok and what are you willing to take for this bike 200,000 if this is a price you can work with you may call me 0849494826 jim
  5. not sure if my last message went to you but how is it that your bike is a 2001 with only 12,000 klm can you give me a call 084 9494826 i my be interested jim
  6. Hi Jim

    The bikes previous owner was the CEO of a large foreign company here in Bangkok, he just didn't have time to use the bike much. I bought the bike with 4500KM on the clock about 4 years ago and used the bike mainly in Bangkok, so the miles haven't really racked up. The bike is currently in Bangkok although I travel regularly to Chiang Mai and could bring the bike that way if you are seriously interested.

  7. Hello yes i am still interested but i would like to test ride this bike and i all so would like to know what is your final price for a 2001 your price is high because you can buy a C B 500 F 2013 for 215,000 but its a Honda not a bmw so if we could work on a price we can work something out that would be great JIM C
  8. Hi Jim

    Sorry for the late reply, I was away for a few days on a bike ride. You are more than welcome to take the bike for a test ride, where are you based? As for the price I am open to offers, so make me a reasonable one and I will see what I can do.

  9. Price Reduced to 245,000THB. I am bringing the bike up to Chiang Mai this week so please let me know if anyone wants a look or a test ride.

  10. Bike has just been resprayed and looks great! Also now has a brand new battery, air horn and has just had a full service. Open to offers...




  11. Price Reduced to 195,000 THB
  12. Hi madjbs,
    if the bike is in Bangkok please come back to me. I am actually just looking around for such a bike. But would have to see and to ride it before we can start further discussions +66 - 84169528.
    Thanks, see you!
  13. The bike is in Chiang Mai at the moment, so you would need to go there if you want to have a test ride.

  14. The bike is still for sale. Open to reasonable offers.

  15. Hey Mate,

    Is this the "Funduro" version with 19" front wheel or "Dakar" version with 21" front wheel?

    Looking at the pics it looks like it's got a 19" front? If it's got a 21" front wheel I know someone who I think will buy it :happy2:

  16. Please phone me 0834347767
    interested to buy
  17. It has a 19" front wheel. I don't actually think the 21" front wheel would make much difference at all off road on such a heavy bike though to be honest.

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