BMW-F650GS neutral gear problems

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  1. Having a new BMW-F650GS I'm finding it very hard to get it into the "neutral" gear. Anybody having the same experience & maybe a solution ? Many thanks & happy driving !
  2. Franz.

    It could be because it is new or because the clutch is dragging (not fully engaged). Wait until the first service then complain. If it has already had its first service complain next time you go to BMW

    My bike (not BMW) sometimes doesn't like doing that either when it is stationary try always shifting into neutral while still moving.
  3. Dear Mike, many thanks, will try first to work on the clutch lever & cable, next time she goes for a service I hope BMW can get rid of this bonecrushing shifts. Anyway, I never had a bike that is so difficult for shifting gears. Otherwise the bike's ok (after my manual started KTM Duke I & several bruises on my lower leg......).
  4. This isn't going to help you much, all I can say is a friend I have with a F650 had the same problem and it was something mechanical in the gearbox (not a cable problem) that BMW was aware of and fixed. I'll try to find out something more specific. David CK are you reading this??
  5. I have one, F650 GS 1998, smooth gear, neutral easy to find, just too noisy 4 my taste, so perhaps just wait a couple of years? BMW should fix your problems!
  6. OK, what I was told is that the cable goes into some sort blackbox unit in the gearbox. There is sometimes a problem with this, not the gears themselves. BMW in Chiang Mai is aware of this and fixed it for my friend David. A call to their mechanic may sort you out. (0897718580)
  7. Dear Dave, many thanks !!!! Called already my mechanic in Bangkok, next service they'll fix it. Hope I still got my left toes until the....
    B.rgds & happy biking, Franz

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