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  1. Got a mate who just bought a BMW R 1150 R 2002 model.
    He is looking for a workshop manual or any downloadable manual.
    Any body know of anything ???
  2. I bought the CD Workshop and Service manuals on E-bay, and could burn you a copy. Mine is a 04 model.
    Send me a PM and we can arrange it
  3. Thanks very much guys ....will pass the info on. Great forum.
  4. Hoghead

    funny thing happens there,, i came home and i was composing message but in some reasson did not send it and it was in my screen for hrs,, when i sent it, i realiced that Noel is looking for manual and i looked inside there is 1 for him as well.

    I got my LT manual from there as well 467pages,,,including great pictures and explanations...

    I'm still looking for newer bikes manuals,but russian pages are complicated to find especially with my limited russian skills... :cry:

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