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  1. jwa

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    My son is thinking about moving to LOS for a while. He is a certified BMW mech (schooled, trained and practical exp). He was wondering if there would be enough business to support himself privately for a while working on BMW. I just read about someone needing a BMW mech for a bike job. Are there more there that need to be serviced.
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  3. daewoo

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    He would need to make himself aware of the typical earnings of a bike mechanic though... I think that would be the killer...
  4. Rhodie

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    I believe that there is a market for a Farang independent BMW service operation.
    Just dealing with 3 out of the 4 official dealers has left me frustrated and fuming.
    Just last week I took my 1200GS in for its first 10K service, only to be handed it back with the comments that there is no need for the first 10K service only at 20K - overlooking the BMW handbook & service schedules. So they claimed to have just changed the oil+filter as well as doing an annual service. The bike has been running like a throttled dog ever since.
    Having now emailed the Svce Mgr the pdf BMW Service Schedule file & a scan of the handbook, I am going back tomorrow am to stand over their mechanics as they do a complete service as per schedule.
    Also it is clear they never changed the oil or filter!
    So if your son is willing to take the chance and set up I believe their woul be a market both for old & newer bikes from Thai & Farang owners alike. He would however have to price himself at a level of the market+ [maybe++] and consider his location.
    Should you be counting on getting local mechanics to assist - this will be a real problem. As few will speak english & fewer still will be prepared to work to [hoped for but in Thailand never delivered] BMW standards.
  5. tropicaljohno

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    Rhodie, caferful if you deal with Erwin Ruser, head of BMW motorbikes. I bought my bike from him, and he gave me a 1 year good will warrranty, when i had a problem turned out the 1 year was reduced to 6 months and no warranty. The bike was 2 1/2 year old when I bought it. BM give 2 year warranty and 1 year good will warranty. I wrongly assumed that my 1 year good will warranty GYW started the day I handed over my 560,000 baht but no, the GDW runs from aniversery of bike being registered, so iI only got just over 6 months. Crafty one that.

    I have now owned 5 BM's, and 4 have bbroken down leaving me stranded. 1 less than 1 year old, 1 less than 2 years old, 1 less than 3 years old and 1 with only 5,000 miles on the clock. The only reliable one was my old R100RS, great bike was sorry to sell it. Pehaps I go for the C1 for sale at VVM in Cnx........

    Gee you would think I would have learnt my lesson by now, spent all Sat arvo looking at bikes in Red Baron, had a long chat with the man in charge. great guy, we had some laughs as I was trying to get him to get some English on his web site, but no go...

    Oh had another look at the Bike Dismantlers on Siam 3 road, and have a K1200RS assembling, the yellow fairing with chequered squares on it. Surpising how much stock had been shifted since I was there in March.
  6. Rhodie

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    know what you mean - BMW Thailand evidently care little about sales nor service and it DOES permeate down from the top.
    Yr reports from the motorshow re upcoming Japanese competition may mean things will change for the better - tho more likely, our choices will.
    Have you managed to sell the 1150 yet?
  7. Rhodie

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    I stupidly thought that having been offered all sorts of dodgy side-service deals by the fella in CNX; I would be better off going back to BKK.
    I can say that the only occasion I had to use the BMW outfit in Phuket [1st service] they did a good job.
    By consensus, from those Thais whose biking biz judgement I respect, all say that BKK MCs has the best mechanic - only that their management plays fast & loose with written agreements.
    I am going back to persevere with Barcelona and stand over them whilst they carry out the 10K service etc.
    Ruser is not particularly interested in service issues - only sales volume. Perhaps it is time to alert his Bavarian masters of a total dereliction of duty to their marque.
    Sadly the guys behind the Thairumph dealership were planning to take on KTM as well.
    At present this has been shelved, but could be back on as they gain confidence and a track record.
    Who knows, we may all be buying large rice-burners, if news reported by our motorshow correspondent [TJ], turns out to actually happen?
  8. tropicaljohno

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    Cap'n Slash, hopefully you may see large capacity Yamaha's this year, but next year at the earliest for Honda's...

    Rhodie, I took GS to Phuket BM the problem was one of the pistons in the rear caliper wasn't returning fully, they cleaned it all and was still sticking, so emailed me with a quote of 29,000 baht PLUS LABOUR. what they want to do is replace the whole rear hydraulic system, new master cylinder, caliper etc etc. and wanted my authoristation to continue, obviously i sad no. Bit like taking your car in for a squeky fan belt and tey want to replace engine to solve problem.

    I know T.I.T. but that is taking the P**s a bit I think

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