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  1. I am looking for BMW OEM spares that are actually in Thailand. I recently went to BMW Cherdchai Autohaus in Korat and Barcelona Motors in Bangkok looking to see if they had an OEM torx screw for the OEM luggage racks on my 2008 R1200GS Adventure. Neither dealership had the screws in stock, not even the mechanics had the screw in their bench stock. Barcelona motors ordered the screws (I ordered four and the four nuts with fixed washers) and about 45-50 days later I had the parts.

    I now need the left side threaded bracket (item 14 below) that holds the clutch control assembly and the left side mirror mounts into. The part number is 32 72 7673917.
    Clutch Clutch Control Parts.

    Who would stock a part like that?

    Are used BMW parts available here in Thailand?

    Where is the best place to source BMW spares?
  2. Goran,

    What are times for the order placement to the part arriving at your residence?

    What are the additional customs costs?

    Can you provide some examples?

    How many parts have you ordered using this method?

    Is there a particular dealer that you end up ordering from?

  3. It never took more than 2 weeks to arrive.

    Actually these guys have an ebay page too but for some reason I just can't find it right now, it's been a while since I ordered.
    So far I ordered 5-6 parts: mirrors (run into birds twice), OEM spot lights (on K16 when I dropped the bike), some electronics including starter switch, replacement exhaust pipe and rims etc...I order from any dealer who has a part in stock, I don't really care where they are based, Europe or USA. But have to say USA customer service is way above European so my preference goes to ordering from North America.

    Customs are hit and miss. Once I ordered Titanium exhaust set worth THB 80,000 for my other sport bike and paid nothing.....I asked supplier to ship by USPS instead of FEDEX, DHL or UPS who have their own in house customs and will skin you for at least 35% tax. Sometimes, I pay tax for such a small and insignificant things, can't explain. I advise you to request normal priority mail shipment instead of express, you might getaway without paying any import duty.

    Meanwhile if I find that ebay address, I will post it here. Very straight-forward deals, ebay and paypal protection, love it.
  4. Goran,

    Thank you for the information. It sounds like your experiences have been positive. I'm interested in that eBay address as well.

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