BMW R1100 RT -98 for sale

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  1. BMW R1100 RT model -98 62.000 km for sale



    - fine
    - registered
    - 60.000 km servicing in Bangkok BMW Motorcycle Service
    - new tyres (Dunlop)
    - price 300.000 baht

    Contacts: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email] or private message
  2. :D Sold. Thank you GT-Rider forum. :wink:

    I am sure that I visit again your sites. 8)
  3. When I post a reply there's an "X" at the top right of the post next to "quote" and "edit" that allows me to delete the post. If you don't want to delete the post, like Pikey and others, you could edit it to say "SOLD". A lot of posts have outlived their usefulness on the forum and could be deleted. I have noticed, though, that after the reply is on the forum that the "X" goes away and the "edit" box turns into "edit-delete" but only "Edit post" comes up. It looks like maybe "delete" is not an option? Is this true, David?
  4. Surely it is worth leaving the post for at least a few months so one can get an idea how quickly different bikes sell, and what the price range is.

    Agreed eventually it becomes clutter, maybe after 12 months??
  5. If someone wants to BMW R1100 RT (the same as my model in the picture, the first post), so I know that BMW bikes are three for sale. Blue, white and gray. Low mileage, good condition, and papers ok. Models 1998-2000.

    Here are links to Google images:




    If you want the exact information, please contact me.

    [email protected]
    +66 (0) 85 4366 935
    or private message
    (I live in Pattaya Thailand)
  6. Sold three BMW!!! Thank you my friends!!!!

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