BMW S1000RR Nov 2010 6xxxKm as new 815,000 Baht

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  1. Purchased Mid November 2010 from Barcelona in Chiang Mai, so still has 17 months warranty, and more than 5 months first class insurance. Virtually as new, most of you know me, the bike has never been raced, has been well looked after and has never been asked to approach any of its amazing limits.


    I think I do not need to say too much about this bike as it won almost every award in its class in 2010, If you have never heard of the S1000RR, I guess you would not be in the market for buying one.


    Only 6400km careful but exiting and entertaining Km covered, Twice taken to Khon Kaen, first time day after delivery, its actually a comfortable machine even for that type of distance.

    BMW original luggage, waterproof Tank bag and Tail bag, both easily removed. The tank bag is good for small items and does not obstruct view, or fuel filling, it still allows one to get down for higher speeds. The Tail bag takes up the pillion seat, and has good internal space, one big space plus two external waterproof zipped pockets.

    Lots of instrumentation, including the usual, plus lap timers, gear indication, external temperature. No fuel guage, but a count down of the reserve km available.
    The bike is more economical on fuel than my R1, in fact almost everything is better than on the R1, including the paint and build quality.
    This bike has the full options, including Race ABS, and Traction control, and Race Quick shifter, that is fun, just open the throttle, leave it open, forget the clutch, and change up, it is very smooth. The gear box is by far the best on any BMW I have ridden.

    Why do I want to sell. Its a change of lifestyle, and for me at the moment too many bikes. If you are in the market for a supersports bike, you will not find a better option than this for the money.
    The bike is in Chiang Mai. Any queries or to view, please phone John on 0818825122
    Happy riding

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  2. Absolutely stunning John!
    Anyone want to buy one of my kidneys so I can get this bike? :lolno:
    Considering this bike goes for over a million baht new and you've kept her in as-new condition I think you'll have no problem finding a buyer at your asking price.
    What a bike!
    Ride on!
  3. a very nice bike indeed mate breaks my heart mine sitting in the garage in the uk with a lot of goodies on, good luck with the sale bump for this top bike!

  4. John, Pity it is not a 2011 Blade!!!. I would give you cash tomorrow!! The Blade is a better bike and 400k cheaper. :wink:
    Let me know how it goes by email as i am very tempted and may help you out if you dont get any buyers before i return home.
  5. Jeez this is a great deal... what a beauty!!!
  6. Thanks for your support guys. The bike is provisionally sold to Alan. Will report when complete
  7. Good Luck John, It's a Great Bike! Brian I would Dare to say a Blade being a better Bike than a new S1000RR would be a Debatable subject Based on One's Brand Loyalty or Opinion not Fact? What do You think Mate? Couldn't resist a Dig! All the Best Guys!
  8. Ian, Johns bikes are always in first class condition and that BMW is no exception.
    I was having a dig at him, note the wink icon after my sentence about the blade. I never seem to get him to bite though!!!

    I once swapped bikes with a good friend of mine who has a BMW S1000R at Sepang and Pasir Gudang circuits in Malaysia. He rode my Blade and hated it. I liked the BMW and i agree, no question about it, it is a weapon in the engine power. The handling and braking is average though. Strangely, even with that power house of an engine, i lapped faster on my Blade.

    I wonder what Mr Gooding will turn up with next?
  9. Hi Brian, Fancy two pensioners having digs at each other. Sorry about not biting, I know what you are up to, and I was secretly confident about the abilities of the S1000RR, stock v a stock Blade. But your quick Blade is hardly stock is it??? As for the 400K cheaper, well I think that was thrown out there for your wife, to appreciate how cheap your bikes are and not get too much on your case??
    As for next in the stable at the Gooding household, well it will not be the new ZX10, or even the Aprilia Factory RSV****, but more likely to be a further downsizing, changing the D-Tracker for Mr Bungy's ttr250 Raid (again). Got to put some money back in the coffers to withstand the rigours of married life. Oh dear I seem to have bitten!
  10. Good luck with the sale John. She's a beauty.
  11. Aw man that is an awesome deal. If I was still living in sin city or there was a decent track up this way I would have this off you in a heart beat.
    All the best with the sale John, I'm sure you'll have no problems shifting her, I only wish the circumstances were right and it was me.
  12. S1000RR for this price and condition is a real steal !! Hope you can sell it quickly John to fill up your coffers. Cheers, Franz
  13. Thank you for the continuing positive comments. Pleased to report that Alan has driven up to see the bike, has confirmed it's condition and will be back in a few days to complete the purchase and collect. I will post when all done
  14. Final Report. Alan collected the bike today. A quick trip to change ownership at the ever friendly Chiang Mai local Motorcycle DLT office, followed by a visit to Barcelona to replace a faulty indicator cancel switch and the sale was completed. I wish Alan and his wife a good trip back to Surin and hope the bike gives them many Km of pleasurable riding. Thanks again to all who commented.
  15. I'll take one of those kidneys
  16. Bike's sold, kidney's off the market ;-)
  17. Thankyou John, sorry we didn`t see you before leaving.

    Gave her a service on monday, at barcelona ...which was the best thing to do as the 950 klick home would have added too much on the clock and would have req`d a not to distant trip to bkk for her 10,000 service...made sense .

    Also picked up the book on monday afternoon no problems...

    On sunday we went for a blast, and stopped at bungies place on the way up the doi, and met him, shane and ritchard (the harley shop owner) and while having lunch in pulled a few thai guys, with various rides, buell, r1, ducati etc..
    We joined them and shane, ritchard and headed up the mountain and hung a right up to the very nice view point looking over chiang mai, superb views up there...then back down to the junction and hung a right and carried on over the the mountain at a fair pace, then looped back to town..a nice fresh line (3/4 inch to the side wall) on the rear , two up not bad i suppose....what a ROAD.

    Next day we rode over the 1269/5032 road, over thru samoeng (khun khan np) that one is crazy..


    thankyou for a pleasant transaction and all the best to you and your partner for the future...regards :thumbup:
  18. Thanks Alan, Its good to deal with straightforward honest people who love their biking. Glad you got to sample some of the great roads up here and hope to see you back again, for a longer look at the many more fantastic loops and rides. Take care

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