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  1. Hi all, just wondering where the BMW riders here have their bikes serviced. I am new to BMW and after reading some of the other posts in the forum I am wondering where the best place to have a BMW bike serviced. It is not my intention of starting yet another thread bashing the service centres, I think there has been enough of that so if possible I would like to keep it to constructive advice only about positive experiences. I am located in Chiang Mai but am willing to travel for some of the work to be done.

    For reference the work I am referring to is:

    1. Brake light not working, I have exhausted my mechanical skills trying to figure this one out, I though it would be something simple like a burnt bulb or a fuse. Turns out the light is fine and BMW uses electronic fuses so something greater is at work here.

    2. ABS kill button does not seem to work, ABS works fine but won't turn off.

    3. Clutch will probably need replacing sometime in the not so distant future. I can feel it slipping under hard throttle at high RPM. I hear this is a common problem with this bike if the clutch gets contaminated with oil. I think I will go with the touratech oil resistant clutch to prevent this in the future but need to find someone qualified to put it in. For reference I am talking about a Boxer twin so replacing the clutch is much more work than it would be on a parallel twin.

    Thanks guys, any hints tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  2. Millenium or mr T in bangkok are OK but avoid barcelona ,they will destroy your bike ,,find a good independant or learn to do it yourself for Peace of mind .....sorry to be so negative...
  3. Thanks I had not heard of either Millenium or MrT but I will check them out when the time comes.

    I will do all my own service and I have fixed a few of the issues in my own tinkering and think I can put the clutch off for a while as it only slips when really hard on the throttle in too high a gear. It slipped quite a bit at first but I have changed my riding style and it almost never slips now so hopefully I will be able to put it off until I have the tools / space / time to do it myself. Everything else I think I will just do myself. Thanks for the advice.

    Anyone know have any experience with a mechanic in Chiang Mai as that is where I am located?
  4. I live in Suratthani and I wont have anyone touch my Bike apart from Boonsport.Hes located at On Nut 55/1,Bangkok.
    The attention to detail and the service Ive received there has been outstanding.Id serious issues with my 1150 R0ckster and had the engine split,new TIMING CHAIN TENSIONER & SLIDE RAILS sourced and fitted,gearbox oil seals replaced and a reconditioned clutch fitted.The labour cost was minimal and I am only too happy to recommend his services to any Motorrad owner.
  5. Thanks for this. Very close to me. Always useful to know and have a personal recommendation.

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