Bmw Show & Test Ride At The Xcentre

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    19, 20 & 21 of May BMW Thailand are having an Event at the X-Centre to promote their Motorcycles and New Models!
    They will have every Model for Test Rides at the X-Centre plus an Enduro Course at the Xcentre Moto Park to Test all of the GS Range!

    Chiang Mai X-Centre
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  2. OK an Update on this Event. The Organisers are here now and Looks like they are Only Bringing up the GS Range of Bikes. They are having a Training and Test at the Moto Park with Clients and Customers coming up from Bangkok as well as for Local Customers. While it would have been Nice to have the Full Range of Motorcycles here the GS models are the most Appropriate for this region I guess? Hopefully they will also have the New G310GS model here as that should be a Winner for sure?


    Fingers Crossed? They are being a little Coy on what they will be doing but at least a Dozen Test Bikes they said?
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  3. Sounds like fun. The BMW I'd really like to try is the new G310R. Does anyone know when it will be available in Thailand, or even at the X-Center event?

    (Bungy, you beat me to it!!!)
  4. The G310 is in some Showrooms already. We saw it in Udonthani. 199.000 Baht! Delivery is in May I think they said? So You can Order it from My Understanding. Unfortunately it won't be here at the Event as they are only Promoting the New GS Range. There have been some Updates plus new Models which they are keen to Highlight!
  5. A few pics from the X-Centre MotoCross park on the last day of the BMW training


    James Assero on an inspection



    the park track

    unfortunately when I rocked up it was break time, but I suspect Bungy has a few photos to show


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