BMW Thailand's Motorrad Off-Road Course

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  1. 1stEnduroCourse-11LR.

    I was in BMW Barcelona BKK today and saw the detils on BMW Thailand's Motorrad Enduro Park that has been established SW of the city.


    The Manager K. Nattasak Thonginnetr [aka K. Keng] showed me some of his pix of their first event which he has kindly let me post here for your info.


    Briefly BMW Thailand & its four dealers have got together along with Touratech Thailand & The Dirt Shop to put together off-road training days for their customers and other bike riders. Some of their instructors have been over to Germany to study at their Motorrad school.


    More details from Storm Riders' Club
    Welcome to BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Thailand


    the following info is from a google 'tinglish' translation of from Storm Club's site:
    Teaching model in the BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Thailand is designed to be easy to learn for Thais. All factors related to driving such as
    - Body of a small Asian and European people. But to control a large motorcycle the same size.
    - Surface topography with characteristic rock, sand mud field forests of Asia.
    - A hot, humid climate. Until hot all season.
    - Culture of driving. Using the public roads in Thailand


    Terms and details of the event BMW Motorrad Enduro Park Thailand.

    1. Call for the event only 20 persons per course per bike only
    2. Duration 1 Day / 1 Course beginning at 8:00 am - 17:00 pm
    3. The event. Private vehicles must be used in the study. The cylinder must have a capacity of 650 cc and above and is in the form of motorcycles or Dual Purpose Enduro.
    not limited to bike brands.
    4. The event will have to provide tires used in the Enduro event or a rubber tire tread groove depth. Suitable for driving on the dirt, sand or mud.
    5. The event will have to provide safety equipment for driving a full helmet, such as boots, riding gloves for a set of riders, including protection related.
    6. Activities that are less than 20 years of age must have consent from their parents.


    Scheduled activities.

    No. 1: Saturday, February 19, 2554.
    No. 2: Sunday, February 20, 2554.

    No. 3: Saturday, March 19, 2554.
    No. 4: Sunday, March 20, 2554.

    No. 5: Saturday, April 23, 2554.
    No. 6: Sunday, April 24, 2554.

    No. 7: Saturday, May 21, 2554.
    # 8: Sunday, May 22, 2554.

    No. 9: Saturday, October 8, 2554.
    No. 10: Sunday, October 9, 2554.

    No. 11: Saturday, November 5, 2554.
    No. 12: Sunday, November 6, 2554.

    Event Location
    Pond Min Buri (rated GPS. 13.885016, 100.796642).

    Slow control round cones

    Hill climbs


    and descents

    A dug in GS ADV

    recovering it

    water crossing

    Riding postions

    Getting some 'air'


    Note I understand that they are charging 6,000THB if you are riding a BMW
    and 8,000THB if you are riding another marque.
    Contact K. Nattasak on [email protected] marking it for his attention and referencing "Motorrad Enduro Training".
    They are aware of the farang riding market however they are not sure how to overcome language difficulties.


    Perhaps we can finally get KTM to get their act together and arrange similar training with Mark Rossi for those in Chiang Mai!

  2. Hi Friends,

    Interesting to know, thanks for these informations, for me I will complete it by a body building musculation course as welll...

    The GSA full of its 30 l. petrol is so heavy that I miss some vitamin and muscle to handle it really off-road at 58....

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