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    We are planning to tour in Asia with two Honda Dreams, 125 CC. We will buy the bikes in Thailand and they will be registrated on our names. Can somebody tell us if it is possible to go into Vietnam with the bikes. Do we need special papers and if yes can we ask for these papers at the Vietnamese Embassy in Belgium?
    Filip and Marleen
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    I've plan to ride to Vietnam Dec,2008

    If you will ride to Vietnam via Loas you'll need "Motorcycle Passport" (Purple book) for your bike (Required for Loas custom) , but after Jan 2008 Thai DMV will not issue for this....

    Thailand does not issue a "Carnet de passage" also

    1. if you enter from Cambodia They'll not ask for "Motorcycle Passport" but you need to bring Bike' registered handbook(Green Book) and Vehicle inspection Certificate (issue by DMV in Bangkok and Border Province)
    Enter to Loas from Chiangrai and Nongkhai do not need moto passport

    2. Buy Bike in Sakeo Province cos' Sakeo' DMV can issue""Motorcycle Passport" only for bike that have Sakeo plate

    i've got this detail this september you can call Sakeo DMV for more information 037 242 553

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