Boeung Trakoun Border Checkpoint

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  1. Taking a ride from Chiang Mai to Phnom Penh via BKK next week and would like to avoid the border crossing at Poi Pet if possible. I see there is another checkpoint north of that called Boeung Trakoun but cannot find any information on it. Has anyone used this crossing? Any info would be greatly appreciated. It looks like it would be convenient for visiting Preah Vihear on the way.
  2. Hi Friends, Hi Goran Phuket,

    I do not see Trat among the crossing points you mentioned, does it has an other name ?

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  3. Hat Lek, Trat Province.
  4. Chong Chom - Surin Province/O’Smach is from personal experience and from what I have heard from others an easy bordercrossing with hardly any traffic at all. Only some thai going over to the local casino but not with vehicles. Good roads down to Siem Reap too. Good roads eastbound to Stung Treng too - with accsess to Preah Vihear.
  5. Hi Friends, Hi Dodraugen,

    Thanks for the advice and feedback, in fact, I have to go to Phnom Pen and Sihanoukville so Trat would be more convenient.

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  6. Denied entry for my CB500X yesterday at Poipet despite having all the documents listed elsewhere here. After paying for the visa, of course.
    The customs officer (last stop after entry) said there is an import document supplied by Phnom Penh that must be requested prior to entry.
    Fairly disgusted with the whole experience.
    Can anyone verify that O'Smarch is a legal entry point for continuing on to Phnom Penh?
  7. Its around 2,5 years since I crossed into Cambodia at O’Smach and it was as easy as it could be. Nice roads down to Siem Reap and a bit bumpy from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh - but no big problems.

    All this can of course have changed by now. Maybe someone have newer experiences at O’Smach?

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