Bolaven Plateau - Get away 22nd 23rd 24th July

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Any one up for a ride?

    I was planning to take off to Bolaven this coming long weekend.. but no chance with the trains and planes all booked out.

    I will work this Friday and take the following Friday off.

    Plan is as follows:-

    Thursday 21st Put the bike on the train in Bangkok (I may even take the sleeper 1st class - or fly Friday 6am arrive 7:15am in ubon and meet the bike 7.30 plus).
    Take off to the border.. 1hr 30 mins / 30 - 45 mins clearing the border / 45 mins to Pakse.

    Head up to Tad Fan for a late breakfast early lunch. Then head either up to Paksong or near Tad fan through the back trails to the main dirt road.. looking for a small turn off taking dirt trails all the way to Tad Lo past the hydro dam..

    Day 2.. not really decided.. Explore around the area and head back towards Paksong or Sekong and back up the Plateau to Paksong again..
    This will make up as time goes..

    Third day depending where.. more riding on the trails.. before being in Pakse for 2 pm and heading back to the border. Train back to Bangkok for the bikes at 6:45 or there abouts.. and fly back to Bangkok.. flights with Nok Air are around 1,200 baht ++ each way. Flights leave around 8pm / almost the same for Air Asia if you prefer the main airport.

    Anyone interested in joining or meeting up part way.. let me know..

    My friend in Paksong said the weather is stable and only the odd shower in the day time and evening thunderstorm.

    Some of the options to ride here.


  2. Brian -

    Good to hear you are on the way back. I think you can loop down to Champasak and ride the west side of the Mekong this time, you'll enjoy it and it's easy to do. You can do this on the first day instead as the road from the border is close and you can loop back up to either Champasak or Pakse that night but I'd suggest Champasak.

    Email me if you like, I can't join as it's a bit out the way and I'm just back from holiday. I'll let other riders renting from me know you are there during this time, maybe you can join them.

  3. Hi Guys,

    Back this evening from the trip.. had a great time and met two other Aussie at the Chong Mek Border. We rode around for the three days

    Will do a full trip report in the week.. For now here is a little bit of video showing Lao driving......
    Still can't believe this guy crashed in to another person.. his head must have been in the clouds..

    This kid was all over the road.. and then wondered off to the right not looking and cleaned up another bike..
    Luckily at low speed, we passed back 20 mins later and everyone was gone..


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