Books and Videos


Aug 20, 2010
Hi all, I purchased a couple of books in anticipation of a long boring flight to Thailand, one of them was to large so I read it here, it's called "An age of superheros" by Matt Oxley. It's a look back on the glory days off 500cc 2 strokes through the late 80's early 90's, there's a lot of pictures and if you enjoy that era than I recommend it, the other is steeling speed by the same author, will let you know about that one.

Whilst looking for these books I came across Love speed and loss, it's DVD, I won't spoil it, but would like to say if you like the 500cc days than this DVD which is online is a must watch.....quiet brilliant and really sad.

Anything else out there I should be reading???

See you in a couple of weeks.