Border crossing at Pa Hang and Dien Bien Phu

May 29, 2006
Two of us have bought a couple of Minsks from Cuong in Hanoi and are heading up clockwise on the northwestern loop (Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Son La, Dien Bien Phu, Lai Chau, Sapa, etc). At the moment we are in Dien Bien Phu. Just for interest we took side trips to the Laos border near Moc Chau (Pa Hang) and Dien Bien Phu (Tay Trang) to see if they would let us cross.

As expected both were definitely closed to westerners. We had visas for Laos and the rego papers with matching numbers for the bikes. One of the officials at Pa Hang spoke some basic english and said we would be fine to cross at Na Meo with the bikes.

In the mist at Pa Hang



We got told in no uncertain terms to head the other way on arrival at Tay Trang, although we managed to get some smiles and handshakes before we left. A few km before we were stopped we passed a flash new border crossing building with weigh stations etc. It looked near completion. Will this opening mean that the chances will improve of them opening things up for foreigners?

The current Vietnamese border building from a distance


The new border crossing building


We plan to complete the circuit back to Hanoi, have a look at Halong Bay, then cross into Laos via Na Meo. Does anyone have any current info on the likelihood of crossing there on Minsks? We understand it should be sweet.



Oct 22, 2006
Hi Mat.

I'm expecting to cross with a Minsk at Na Meo on 12.02.07 together with my wife and son.
I was told it should be very nice and possible too.

Greetings from Soeren Kruse
Nov 14, 2004
Matty keep the posts coming, thats the loop i want to do this year as well, look forward to pics and posts ...Scott