Border crossing Cambodia into Laos

Aug 19, 2005
Does any member have the latest info for crossing into Laos from Stung Treng. I asked the Laos Embassy in Phnom Penh for advance paperwork but they all too quickly answered "no need". I'm not sure I believe that. Riders in Phnom Penh tell me that the border post is just a shack and it will be unlikely that the paperwork will be available at the border.

Nov 14, 2004
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Mar 5, 2006
Exiting from Cambodia.
If you have the time & inclination you may want to "sign out" and complete formalities with Cambodian customs at Stung Treng. The fellow running the office there is extremely helpful & doesn't have a lot to do, so he can do the paperwork without the hassle of putting up with the surly bugger at the border who asks for carnets and money.
Completing immigration is no hassle with either Cambodian immigration or their Laos counterparts - both housed in shacks some 150metres apart.
You DO NEED to have aquired a Laos visa beforehand.
Then there is a 6 km potholed road to a decent metalled road and the Laos customs.
As I have only checked out of the contry here, rather than checking in I am not sure of their attitude to fullfilling Laos customs regulations.
Only that they processed my paperwork quickly the first time thru in July and on the second occassion, as I had none -due to the customs office having closed at 4pm [via Chong Mek Thailand]- they did ask but accepted the fact that I had none & waived me thru.
This perhaps can be a way around the one week permission given to bikers bringing their bikes into Laos - this is separate to visa allowance of 30 days.
If you care to, you can see a video of my tAug trip heading south.
I posted it on YouTube crossing over from Laos into Cambodia last month.
The first Laos check point you will see is the Customs post, some 6kms to the immigration shack at the border [where the vid ends].
Link: Hope this helps and have a good trip.
PS the ferry at Stung Treng should charge you no more than $5 if you have a big bike like a BMW. They did ask me for $10 on my 2nd trip thru but laughed and agreed it really was $5 for a my bike.


Mar 29, 2004
I plan to enter Laos on my DRZ400 from Stung Treng in November and exit via Vientiene.
Have heard the Laos customs at the stung Treng entry point dont bother with documentation for motorbikes, but this causes problems when exiting at Vientiene.
Does anyone have experience and or advice on taking this route