Border crossing from Laos to Thailand


Jan 5, 2022
I am Harald from Germany, I am planning a trip from Germany to Australia, starting in Spring 2023 hope the worldwide sitauation about covid and the rules are better next year.
So my plan is cross China from Mongolia to Laos I allread have contact with a agency which do the whole organisation for overlander rides through China.
Hope anyone can give me a information about border crossing from Laos to Thailand, the bike is registered in Germany and I am riding under Carnet de Passage, I know it is not really necessary for Thailand,
but I need it for other countries, so may be it is also helpfull to have one??
My plan is to ride from Laos to Malaysia and I will not stay longer then 30 days in Thailand, is there any way to make this official?
I am thankfull for any information, I know....we have covid and everything changed...but I hope that everything turn back to normal until next year, so for me is also helpfull to get a answer about the rules
before this covid disaster starts, thank you
cheers Harald


Aug 19, 2012
In 2016 Thailand introduced a law that made it neccesary for foreign vehicles entering and travelling in and through Thailand to get permits, hire an approved guide with the correct licenses to accompny them when entering and travelling in Thailand.

However this rule was not entirely enforced. Some bordercrossings did let foreign vehicles in without an accompanying guide and permits, and other bordercrossings did not let foreign plated vehicles into Thailnd without permits and guides.
From my understanding though - more and more bordercrossings did enforce this law up until countries closed their land borders due to the covid pandemic.

I have linked to the facebookgroup that the new rules and the enforcing of them was discussed and experiences shared. Naturally this group havent been very active the last 2 years so not much new information there - but still the most recent news that are possible to get. Nobody know what it will be like post-covid.

In the «files» section of this facebook group you will find PDF files from the thai Land Transport Office - and these are the actual laws.