border crossing from vietnam into laos july 2014

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  1. HI all
    Just a short question has anyone heard that rental bikes from vietnam can not now enter laos.
    I have just been told that the rules have changed and I will no longer be allowed to cross.
    I will be returning via Cambodia.
    The bikes are hired from Hanoi and I will have registration papers.
    Any help or advice would be great.
  2. 4kingz how was your trip then - any good?
    How did you go with the border crossings - the most sought after info fore Viet riders in Indochina.
  3. Trip was great. As for crossing the border well a different story. No entry to the northern most crossing. Retry at the next one south
    We had all the bike paperwork, rego etc but not a temp import licence for the bike. Temp import as we would be returning.
    They ( vietnam ) let us cross but we were stopped at the last second at the laos crossing. ( no paperwork for vietnam bike import ).
    Laos cancelled our entry stamp, vietnam would not let us back across until Laos had given us a exit stamp. So laos had to enter and exit our passport cancelling our visa. So no re entry into Laos.
    Great trip in all. Bike rental in Hanoi tried to hold our deposit and spent 6 days trying to get refund back.
    What a trip
  4. Small bikes under 175cc might just go to border and fill papers. Big bikes need paper called "Caravan" and I believe it is issued by tourist department..???!?!
    Its basically just way to make more money as you have to buy a "tour" from some company.

    I will find out can you get this paper from some company without the "tour",
    but as my friends friends is out of the country it seems I have to wait until he comes back and will get some answers from there.
  5. Wow
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Can u remember exactly which border crossings - the names would be extremely helpful.

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