Border crossing into Vietnam by motorbike

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  1. Border crossing into Vietnam by motorbike

    Any bike up to any size cc

    Minimum 1 month booking in advance

    Max trip duration 30 days

    Update: This is the latest legal requirements to enter Vietnam by a border crossing on a motorbike registered outside of Vietnam

    .What riders have to organize:

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]Copy of original & international drivers licence

    [*]Copy of Passport and complete visa.

    [*]Photo of the bike

    [*]Copy of the registration papers of the bike/ownership papers.

    [*]Organized packaged tour through a tour agent with a complete itinerary including a tour guide

    [/list type=decimal]

    What Flamingo travel will organize:

    [list type=decimal]
    [*]We will send all your details to the military police and Transportation Minister ‘s office to conduct your tour, who will process the application to ensure you are completely legal to drive in Vietnam

    [*]We will send a member of our staff 3 days before to the border to prepare the documents for your arrival (This is the legal requirement)
    [*]At the border we arrange the required temporary number plates and registration papers for your bikes. Please note when crossing back over the border you will have to give back any number plates and registration documents.
    [*]We will organize your packaged tour to meet all the requirements.
    [/list type=decimal]

    If you have any question you can leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you or email me directly: [email protected]
    Head office in Hanoi
    Add:# 66 Dao Duy Tu Str, Hanoi , Vietnam
    Tel: +84.4 3926 0938 Fax: +84.4 3926 0938
    Hand phone: +84.912 214 554
    Email: [email protected] Website:
    Skype :

  2. 3 Cheers for this info & service.
    I'm sure there will be lots of guys coming soon.

    Pic from our trip in March 2010.
  3. How about the cost? Is there a base price or packages? I remember wanting to do this 5 years ago but the cost was in the several of thousands USD.
  4. Nice to know that it's possible. How about giving a rough figure how much this service will cost for a one-week, two-week, and a four-week trip (assuming that the hotel will cost, say, $20 per night). Riding through China is possible too. At a cost: A friend paid $1700 for 3 days along the Karakorum Highway in 2012, and I met 2 Russians who rode Hongkong-Mongolia through China in 2011 for a whopping $20,000 - a piece!!!
  5. The total cost to arrange all the necessary documents is $1100. So if you have a max group number of 6 people it’s only $184 per rider (Any Pillions don't have to pay). The price for a package tour varies and depends on the itinerary and the number of riders in a group. The package tour includes the following:

    •· Accommodation
    •· Local English Speaking guide
    •· Breakfast, lunch and dinner

    One more option is to leave any motorbikes at a secure location at the border. You can then rent any motorbikes through a company of your choice, who will be able to arrange the motorbikes to be delivered at the Vietnamese border. Depending on the bikes and the group size this could actually be a more expensive way of arranging the tour. There are many kind of loops, especially in the North of Vietnam, where you can complete a trip and drop of the bikes in the same locations.

    If you have any questions or concerns or would like a price on a package tour please contact us directly and we will be more than happy to help.

  6. Below I have listed some of the main borders that are available to cross. The officials at these borders have experience in dealing with foreigners!

    - Southern:

    1. Moc Bai border- Tay Ninh provice.
    2. Le Thanh border - Binh Phuoc provice.

    - Central highland;
    1. Bo Y border - Kon Tum provice.

    - Middle Vietnam:
    1. Cau Treo border- Ha Tinh provice
    2. Lao Bao border - Quang Tri provice.
    3. Na Meo border - Thanh Hoa provice.

    - Northern
    1. Tay Trang border - Dien Bien Phu provice.

    Flamingo Travel
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  9. Holy shit! Just for paperwork?? Or am I missing something?
  10. Rent from Flamingo Boys.

    Fly in, fly out.. have a blast.. Someone on the other end of the phone to sort out any problems.

  11. I am looking for an update about getting my bike into Viet Nam this coming November. My bike is a DRZ400 registered in Cambodia in my name and I have a valid Cambodia drivers Licence. Is possible to cross border and travel in country without needing organized packaged tour through a tour agent with a complete itinerary including a tour guide? What will I need besides a visa?
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  13. Hello everybody. We are a couple traveling from Spain to Vietnam in motorcycle. In this moment we are in Laos. Someone knows how to cross the Vietnam border or have information about? It is possible to cross without agency? If you know other people that have crossed in the last years, the contact can be very helpful.

    Thank you wink.gif

    Javier and Diana
  14. Hi Javier and Diana,

    There is a high import tax in Vietnam, the government are extremely strict when it comes to motorbike border crossing. They don't want to risk any bikes entering that could be possibly sold illegally. The reason for the high tax is because its one of the only ways the government can get tax out of people.

    I have also come across so much different conflicting information about border crossings into Vietnam but so much of it, is dated, bikes entered on was already a Vietnamese registered or they did it illegally. This is extremely risky and almost impossible to do. The most common myth is that you can just pay a small fee to the border guards. Almost on all occasions, the guards will not accept a fee and the only other option is to sneak the bike in by truck, this is a huge risk because if they discover the bike, which they will most probably happen then they will impound it. In fact impound it and register it Vietnam and sell it on to make i nice bit of money. If by luck you some how manage to get through you will be driving with foreign number plates, so you are at risk of being stopped and the bikes are likely to get impounded by the police. Of course you could also have the next battle of trying to leave with the bike as this could also create problems of its own.

    The easiest and cheapest way to complete a motorbike tour in Vietnam is to simply rent.

    If you're keen to tour Vietnam, then i would recommend to leave your bike someone safe in a neighbouring country and start your trip in either Hanoi or HCMC.

    Hope this helps
  15. I've got friend in Vietnam who takes care of bike permit entries. Very nice and reliable guy, professional overland tour agent. He did my 10 days tour 2 years ago as well as for my RTW friends riding Argentina plate bike barely a month ago. Contacted him via FB and he arranged permits for my Argentina pals within a week. That simple.

    You may contact him here:
  16. For a Cambodian registered bike, you should be OK to ride it into Vietnam. I know that Cambodian registered cars can easily enter Vietnam, while Vietnamese cars going in the other direction don't have it quite so easy and are subject to high fees (I was told a US$500 "deposit", which is likely not a deposit at all is required for a Viet car to leave for Cambodia) and possible restrictions like the car can't stay overnight (officially at least, although in practice once the car is inside Cambodia it can stay up to 30 days). However, I'm not sure if the rules are the same for Cambo bikes entering Vietnam, because while I've seen many, many Cambodian registered cars driving in Vietnam (particularly in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta) I haven't seen one Cambo motorcycle, but that could be because the only individuals likely to attempt to drive one in would be expats on their big bikes.

    There is a new trilateral agreement in place between Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam since last year though, which should (in theory) permit the entry of any vehicle registered in one member state to travel to another member state, even if it's a third country crossing (i.e. a Cambodian registered vehicle should be able to cross the Lao-Vietnam border now) whereas previously only direct crossings from one neighboring state to the next were allowed.

    There was an article about this new three country agreement on last year I think but after an extensive search I couldn't find it.
  17. Guys, any further updates on entering VN? I am getting conflicting info on the ability to ride a Malaysian registered bike into VN via Cambodia
  18. Normally you would need a permit and guide via a travel agency. Or at least the permits, the guide might not come.
    And its quite expensive.

    I heard quite recently about a guy who tried all 8 bordercrossings between Cambodia and Vietnam and he got in on the 8th and last border. I think he was an aussie with an aussie plated bike.
    So it seems to be a bit «try your luck» and see how it goes.
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  19. Thanks Dodraugen. Hit and miss at best.

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