Border Crossing - Kengsao, Laos To Nan Province Thailand???

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  1. Google maps indicates 2 possible border crossings between Luang Prabang, Laos and Nan, Thailand. (link below). The first and shortest via Muang Ngeun and then one to the south close to Kengsao. Having great difficulty in establishing if this second route is a legitimate point of entry/exit? Doesn't seem to appear on any lists of border crossings. If anyone can confirm it would be appreciated.

    Google Maps

    P.S. tried to load a screen grab of this image at 877kb but it was rejected as being too large, not sure what the go is there???
  2. Thanks David. I've read this material previously and just been over it again. I can see that Huay Kon (T) - Muang Ngeun (L) is a viable route. I see nothing in your links in relation to the crossing west of Kengsao (L) so I assume this doesn't exist? The question remains as to why Google maps is showing this option?
  3. Indeed that's part of the problem - you can't always rely on google maps.
    Your three options over that way are
    1. Huay Kon / Muang Ngern (Nam Ngeun)
    2. Phu Du, which has no visa on arrival, but you can exit Laos that way.
    3. Tha Li (Nakraseng) / Nam Heuang (Khenthao).
    These are all listed on GTR.
    Sometimes the port names can be a bit confusing, & the actual crossing may have a "micky mouse" name for the village that is at, but it is administered by a larger district centre not so far away. e.g. #3 above. The port stamp on the Thai side is Nakraseng but most people get there via Tha Li. On the Lao side it is called Nam Heuang, but it is administered from Kenthao. Then at Bo Keo, opposite Chiang Khong in the north I note that the port stamp that goes in your passport on the Lao side says FB1V = Friendship Bridge 4.

    I hope this a help & clears things up for you.
  4. Sweet mate, appreciate the info. A slight amendment to the planned route via Muang Ngeun and we should be cooking with gas! Hearing what you're saying re the names being a bit confusing.
  5. Nam Nguen or Nam Ngeun
    the official port stamp in your passport says Nam Ngeun. Enjoy. Its always an adventure, especially the first time working out the system.

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    Insurance is compulsory when entering Laos so make sure you get insurance from AGL Insurance. Skip out on the insurance & you could end up on the run & / or be in jail for awhile as Asian Motorcycle Adventures found out.

    G'day again David, wondering if you can confirm if the insurance companies which I believe operate at the Laos side of the border crossing between Chiang Khong and Houei Xai are open 7 days a week??? We're going to need to hook up CTP on our rental bikes. I think I read somewhere on one of the forum threads that weekends could pose an issue? Would appreciate any info you can provide.
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    Take a look here

    Riding across the Friendship Bridge at Chiang Khong

    Insurance should be no problem.
    THE AGL staff should be there 7 days a week while the bridge is open to provide insurance for the people / vehicles crossing.
    However it could be that they dont stay late till when the bridge closes at 10PM?

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  8. Champion, will be sure to get there at sparrow fart. Thanks once again.

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