Border Crossing Laos To Vietnam Phou Keua (attapeu. L) / Bo Y (ngoc Hoi. V)

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by Thorsten S., Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Thorsten S.

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    March 2017: Easily crossed here from Laos to Vietnam on my Vietnamese registered bike, no "stamp fee" or anything on either side of the border. Had my Vietnamese Visa arranged prior in Pakse, Laos.
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  3. Sounds easy, the border crossing. But what happened if your bike got a Thai-registration? From Thailand into Laos is not problem, from Laos to Cambodia is not problem, from Thailand into Cambodia is no problem as well but into Vietnam? Any information?
  4. Dodraugen

    Dodraugen Ol'Timer

    Yes - would be interesting to know if anyone have crossed into Vietnam from Laos on a thai plated bike lately? Anyone???
  5. Zay

    Zay New Member

    a friend did the same and he paid some us$ 5, not sure what for.
    however, has anyone crossed the border into vietnam from Lao Bao?

    Dansavanh – Lao Bao: This was the first land border between Laos and Vietnam to open for foreign travellers, it was for a long time the most popular Border Crossing between Vietnam and Laos, but many now opt for the more northern crossing near Lak Xao instead. This crossing is convenient for Hue in Vietnam and Savannakhet in Laos. Lao visas are available and through buses from Savannakhet to Hue run daily.
    source: Overland & International Border Crossing to Vietnam 2016

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