Border Crossing to Cambodia

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    Last week I did a border run to Cambodia today to the Chong Sa Ngam/Choam border post which is the closest crossing to the disputed Khao Phra Wihearn Temple site. You wouldn’t suspect any problems as things were very casual. The Cambodian Immigration Officer said they were seeing only about 3 people a day since the trouble started and people were being scared off. The cost was only B1000 on the Cambodian side and B100 on the Thai side. Chong Sa Ngam is in the Phusing District of Sisaket 111km South of Sisaket It is called Choam on the Cambodian side. The road is a bit pot holed near the Border. Some cance of dodging them on a m/c, n0 chance in a car.
    Potholes 1

    Potholes 2


    Chong Sa Ngam
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    Hi Peter

    Nie riding and have a fantastic time in there,, ride safely

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