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  1. Hey guys!

    We're a Belgian couple riding a Vstrom 650. We started our trip 6months ago in Belgium and now 22000 km we're in Thailand (Koh Chang at the moment).
    I've been reading the forum and website for a few hours and i'm getting confused... What's the deal with these Thai-Lao bordercrossings???

    Here's my question: We would like to cross into Laos from Thailand as southern as possible. What bordercrossing can we take? We would need a visa on arrival.

    Another question: When we entered Thailand we got the white paper-temporary import thing. It's valid for 6 months. What happens if we do some bordercrossings. Do we have to renew it everytime or is it a multi-entry document and they just look at the date?

    Sorry to bother you guys with these questions, I know there probably somewhere on here, but I can't seem to find them.

    See you around!
  2. The southernmost crossing is the Ubon Rachathani (Chongmek) to Pakxe crossing and you can get a visa on arrival there.

    With regard to the import document I assume that you will have to get it renewed every time you enter Thailand. Not sure though so maybe others can confirm this or have other/better information.
  3. Hi Gerry & wife

    If you coming to Ubon and i'm around,mail me and i can guide you to border and immigration and custom, we have cousin who works in the immigration and take care farangs and might be helpfull in customs office as welll,,i'm not sure but he should know those guys as they are almost in same building..(give me good reasson to ride as well :lol: )
  4. Hi Gerry,
    As regards to the white paper document,I think you will have to renew it as once you have crossed the border, the paper won't valid anymore. If you entered back into Thai,then you have to renew it again. The document is per entry. Correct me if I'm wrong. Tq
  5. Not wrong. That's how it's done
  6. Thanks a lot guys!

    Hope I get a 30 day entry for the bike at the border...
  7. Looking forward to meet you guys on Thursday here in Ubon...
    Ride safely

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