border information and license question


New Member
Nov 22, 2008
Hi GT riders,

Im a newbie but have searched the various places for info - some of it very handy. Im about to arrive in hanoi and im looking to buy a motorbike from Mr Cuong.

I was not planning on doing this on my trip but after doing a bike tour in Central Laos i now know that traveling by motorbike is the only way to travel. My problem is im from the England and only have my UK driving license. Will this cause me a problem getting a bike in vietnam or through the various borders in South East Asia?? How can i get an international license abroad?

Secondly what would i require to take a minsk bike from vietnam into cambodia and then cambodia into Thailand. Any help would be brilliant!! If the info is already on here please help me by adding a link or two!

Thanks, Edd.