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  1. I have been living in Thailand for a month and my Travel Visa is due to expire. I will be here a little bit longer so I was thinking of flying to Singapore. Singapore is scheduled for rain the next 7 days, plus I have been living in a Hi-Rise in Bangkok. I need a change of pace.
    I had a crazy thought in my head, maybe fly to Chiang Mai spend the night . The next day rent a motorcycle and ride to Laos or Burma get my Passport stamped spend the night then ride back to Chiang Mai. Spend the night then fly back to Bangkok.
    #1. Is this a Crazy Pipe dream?
    #2. Does anyone offer this tour at a reasonable price?
    #3. Is it Safe for a Novice rider?

    LA Dave
  2. LA Dave,

    I have been riding bikes for 5 months.
    I have been to Mae Sai (border town with Burma) 3 times on a bike. The mountain passes would be a bit hairy for a novice rider but it can be done. It is just over 3 hours from Chiang Mai to Mae Sai at a decent clip with minimal stops. I would give 4 hours each way for a novice rider.
    You will only get a 14-day stamp on your visa. Singapore will give you 30 days.

    Tour? I have no idea, but you can certainly take a bus here if it comes to that.

    Singapore is not a change of pace from Bangkok, maybe just a little more orderly, but still a metropolis.

    Good luck,

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