bordercrossing CAMBODIA TO THAILAND AGAIN SORRY i have vietnamese bike.

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    i am looking to ride my bike to thai land from cambodia and have been reading a lot of the post's but i haven't found one that explains what i have to do. I bought it in vietnam so it has vietnamese plates and registration and all ownership papers i have are in vietnamese. i will be interested to see how this plays out because in vietnam it is a illegal for western to own there own bike which doesn't stop western's have bike because for one the police mostly can't speak english and are corrupt. So the point being is that on the registraion card it doesn't say my name or the name of the guy i bought it of but it is just how it is buying a cheap bike to ride through vietnam but it is only possibly or really going to be noticed when i get to the thia border because at the cambodian border they didn't even look at the papers of the bike. Please if anybody has any ideas on wat i should do or could do would to cross the border any border in to thailand i would love to here them.


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