Boxing Day ride

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  1. How about it?
  2. CNX-Arunothai-Doi Angkhang-Mae Suaey-Wiang Papao-Phrao-CNX maybe ?? :smile1:
    CNX-Hot-Mae Chaem-Doi Inthanon-CNX maybe ?? :smile1:
    Anything more than 200 kms and I'm in, 26th of December right ?
  3. I up for a Boxing day ride too.
  4. Me and 2 mates are doing Pattaya to Buriram on boxing day.
  5. Good idea to organizes something guys.
    Sorry but I have been slow off the mark here as I'm too busy on a project, plus I expect to be in Laos for a couple of weeks soon & will not be able to commit to the ride.

    So I'm happy for Hoghead or Franz to get something going.
  6. For those Riders in Chiangmai, I like Franz's suggestion of:
    CNX-Arunothai-Doi Angkhang-Mae Suaey-Wiang Papao-Phrao-CNX

    Any other ideas?

    How about we meet at X-Centre in Mae Rim as it is on the way at 9:30 AM?

    Please advise who plans to attend so we have some idea on how and where to have lunch
  7. Count me in
  8. Hoghead, as said anything less than 200kms is for bicycle or up to 40km/h scooter riders. :p
    As this one is a bigger one I would suggest we leave at the X-Center earlier at 09:00 latest as there will have to be a short stop at Doi Angkhang and maybe also in Fang or Wiang Papao or Phrao.
    If there are some smaller bikes too they could skip the Mae Suaey-Wiangpapao-Phrao route and go Doi Angkhang-Chaiprakan-Phrao via the small one directly or we all go if too tired from the days before..........................:sick:
    I'm in anyway, doesn't matter if we go that route or another one. :D
  9. I would like to join as well. Any route is ok for me and departure 9.00 o' clock also.
  10. OK then 9 am at the X-Centre
    Leaving at 9, not arriving for coffee at 9
  11. Reminder and see you 9
    It might be a bit chilly in the morning so be prepared
  12. Hi Guys
    Arrive back CNX 25th from Ho Chi Min would like to join the ride if not a flat out ride.
    Sounds like it's going to be a bit chilly.
    What is the plan for the ride where are we going?
    Merry Xmas
  13. Have to cancel as down with flu, sorry !
  14. I was going to rock up too...but have to withdraw due to injury.....

  15. Christmas Ride 2014

    This year's ride had only one participant. ME. Unfortunately nobody else showed up.
    I am wondering why people call for rides and don't show up or at least cancel the event.
    Like today would have been other options as well.
  16. Most unfortunate Varadero, sorry to hear.
    My excuse was hung over and maybe this will be a familiar story.

    Happy New Year
  17. Thanks for responding Ken.
  18. Thanks for responding Ken.
  19. I have the same excuse as Ken and am blaming it on Bungy

    This is usually an informal get together and my apologies for not showing up. I should not have assumed that others would take up the slack
  20. Mai pen rai.
    I still had a nice trip. Be all prepared for Christmas Ride 2015 :)
  21. Thanks for being so understanding

    Maybe the day after, the day after, so we are all in shape for 2015?

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