Brand-new ARAI 'Maverick' helmet for sale

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  1. If you are looking to buy a high-quality lid for your thai gf/spouse/bf/etc., I've got a brand-new ECE-approved 'Arai' full-face helmet, model 'Maverick', size: XS (head size 53-54cm), color: titanium-gray. It has a tinted visor/face shield and it comes with a spare clear visor/face shield (bought it separately).

    I bought this model helmet for my wife because it came out tops for the ventilation criteria in published helmet comparisons both in European bike magazines and online sites, e.g. check out the 'Aerations' criterion in the comparative table (it's in French, but you'll see it scored top ranking with 3 'stars' for 'aerations') in a helmet survey on the following site:

    I considered getting my wife a helmet with the best possible ventilation system was an important comfort criterion for riding in the tropics. The Arai Maverick has got fully controllable ventilation ducts on both the helmet (mouth, top and rear vents) and on the visor/shield. Unfortunately enough, my wife never wore it because the helmet turned out to be too small when it got here. Expensive mistake!

    To have an idea what it looks like, look up the following link: ... verick.jpg

    I paid €560.85 for it (€499 for the helmet plus €61.85 for the spare visor/face shield), which is approx. Baht 24,698 or USD746 at the current exchange rate. Any acceptable offer will be considered. My loss is your gain!

    So if you care enough about your gf/spouse/bf/etc.'s safety and comfort, this helmet would certainly do the job, plus it looks great.

    Email me for pictures of the actual helmet. It comes with the original box, protective helmet bag, manual (with face shield changing instructions), stickers, etc.

    I live in Chiang Mai (actually Hang Dong).
  3. how much you sell it??
  4. 14,000 baht
  5. Hi GypsyRider, could you tell me what the Arai year of manufacture stamp is on the chin strap please?



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