Brand NEW XPD X - Zero boots for sale


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
Hi lads

Got accidentally wrong boot's, so im looking for new home for them
they are size 12EU and brand new never even tried in my foot.
Absolutely same price than i got them so im not looking for profit.

-Directional and programmed shape shock absorbing heel structure
-Wide elastic composite area to better suit ankle movement
-Micrometric fastening
-Vented Air tech sole helps sweat evaporation
-Vulcanized rubber and rounded racing sole designed to ease feet action

A revolutionary model, the X-Zero suits aggressive, street and roadster style of riding.
Also ideal for short range tourism.


8000THB including 200THB EMS shipping in Thailand (With Tracking number)


Nov 21, 2008
Nope,not yet,but i tell you what the weather turned nice after you left,stil some good days for riding.
il be down in about 3 weeks,but must leave for a month during winter for a court hearing
se you soon
whats wrong with the shoes ,they look just as good as the SIDI shoes ?
I got a mail from a guy that bought a K1200GT from me a yar ago,he had the rear main bearing housing on the rear replaced it is 2007 model and bmw told him it was for free it was a recall (a known problem),it was 1400 euro part,have you checked if that might be the case with your clutch ?.
i had the exhaust pipes on r1200c replaced on a 5 year old bike for free