Bridge over Kham river collapsed - Chiang Saen

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by ianyonok, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Last month, half the concrete road bridge across the Kham river collapsed while the river was running high. A temporary span was then put in it's place. Now there is a new development......

    When heading south out of Chiang Saen town on the 1129 you will see this;


    A few klms south you get to the river and then see this;


    The truck and trailer were full of sand. Most inconvenient for the people living in Chiang Saen Noi. This happened two days ago. Workers are already dismantling the bridge.
    Fortunately, the diversion to stay south of the river through Bahn San Tat doesn't take you too far around and you rejoin 1129 just south of Wat Prathat Pa Ngao in Sob Kham.

    You know you are in Thailand, because there is already a bike and trailer selling drinks and snacks.....


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  3. David Learmonth

    David Learmonth Ol'Timer

    Not been down that way for a long while - looks a right mess!
  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    I bet the Truck Driver had an Exciting Ride???
  5. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Wow what a picture!!!
  6. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    I went back to have another look today. The repair workers haven't been hanging around. Considering how much rain we've had the last few days, they've done an excellent job. It'll probably be open tomorrow. Let's hope people stick to the 8 ton limit.

  7. Captain Wally

    Captain Wally Ol'Timer

    8 ton limit?

    I'd guess that if that truck and trailer were only moderately loaded (and knowing Thailand they were probably grossly overloaded) the total weight would have been around 40 tons No wonder it collapsed :shock:

    Not quite as spectacular as a busted bridge but the road to Doi Mae Salong wasn't looking too healthy yesterday either.


  8. David Learmonth

    David Learmonth Ol'Timer

    Here is another one of DMS road also taken on Thursday, about 15 kms out of DMS heading for ThaTon/MaeChan road. Road was bad two weeks ago - even worse now & no signs of repairs either! Lorry might have been empty when bridge collapsed - even so, the combined weight of that rig would be about 17 tonnes at a guess. If loaded - only 40 tonnes? More likely - as much as could be squeezed in!

    Attached files .jpg"] 271489=5098-000_0031[1].
  9. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Hey David,

    That road does look bad. Wouldn't want to come round that bend in a hurry.
    When is the Bonnie coming out again then....?

    The truck and trailer were carrying sand. You can just see the remnant of it in the back left of the truck. Let's not assume he was overloaded, but he sure ****ed up trying to cross that temporary bridge. I don't mind the truckers, usually better road users than the minibus drivers and full credit to the bridge repair men for swift work. :thumbup:
  10. David Learmonth

    David Learmonth Ol'Timer

    Bonnie was out last Sunday & should be out again on Wednesday.
    Quick repair indeed. Hope it lasts without further damage. Think 8 tonne limit will be ignored though!
  11. sharpeyes

    sharpeyes Ol'Timer

    I rode round corner at 50mph on tuesday into this luckily i have good brakes and wasnt lookng at scenery lol
  12. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    obviously living up to your moniker then Sharpeyes.........! :smile1:
  13. sharpeyes

    sharpeyes Ol'Timer

    Yes. Lol. But whole place is spectacular. Roads are amazing. Really enjoyed.
  14. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Yes indeed, marvellous area.
  15. sharpeyes

    sharpeyes Ol'Timer

    Im staying at Neemissseng hotel in Chiang Rai. Very good value. Touring this area for a few weeks. Off to Chiang Khong tomorrow then golden triangle etc etc went across to myanmar from mae sai. Was a good day. Then going to do Mae Hong Son loop. Subject to weather conditions. Chang rai dry and sunny today. Enjoy.
  16. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Hey, drop in and see us then at Viang Yonok Hotel at Chiang Saen lake, just 4 klms out of Chiang Saen. See the website for directions. I'll give you the low down on the best routes round here at the moment.

  17. sharpeyes

    sharpeyes Ol'Timer

    I will do that. And your place looks lovely. Might have to stay a few days. Lol. How far are you from chiang mai. Might have a ride out tomorrow. ?
  18. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    Well, about 4.5 hours from Chiang Mai. Best route is up through Chiang dao, Fang and Thathon.
  19. sharpeyes

    sharpeyes Ol'Timer

    sorry i meant chiang rai lol im just at internet shop looking at directions can only do so much on iphone , my number 0890972570 . will ring tomorow and probably ride up to you

    best regards


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