Brief but memorable visit.

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  1. Just a quick one as I am surrounded by 10 year olds with AK47s firing 400 rounds a minute....yes,its the Ranong internet cafe or should I say on line games room!!

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to the resident GT Riders in Chiang Mai (and stray ones from Phuket) for their hospitality and kindness during our recent visit - especially Pikey who was kind enough to lead 4 lost souls who hale from his part of the world around the Samoeng loop, thanks Jeff.

    Will submit a fuller report when back home and in er,more serene surroundings.

    Best wishes to all.


    NB. Commiserations to Nig & Caroline who are now back in the UK - see you soon guys.
  2. Tomo, am currently in Bangkok, will be back in Phuket Saturday, 20th drop us an email or ring us, we can have our 1st meeting of GT-Riders..... Phuket Division

    did you do hot springs at Ranong.........
  3. Hi TJ,

    We are actually staying at the Springs Guest House so have been immersed in near boiling water on a regular basis!

    Ranong was a good steer by yerself - none of those lovely golden beaches but some great riding in the beautiful hills and forest of the Ranong National Park. Also missing is the endless Tuktuk? Dinner sar? Suit sar? Where you from? which has become the trademark of the south west coastal hot spots.

    So I was pleasantly surprised at the difference here. Sadly won't be able to meet up though as train is booked from Chum Phon to Bkk for tomorrow night - doh! Give us a wave as you head for paradise and we start the long journey back to dear old blighty...

    Can't stand this bloody games room any longer - speak again soon.

    Best wishes,

  4. Tomo
    Good to meet up with you at the Kafe & make sure you had the right map after a couple of stuff ups. Next time I hope we get to do a ride together.
  5. Back at work now David, all too soon I'm afraid.

    However, the die is cast and we will return to Chiang Mai - maybe later this year! My 16 year old Son is keen to visit and couldn't come with us this time due to exam pressures (huh??).

    I heard somewhere that Air Asia are going to be flying into Cnx from a london airport later this year...anyone know any more about this??



    NB. Report to follow in the fullness of time.
  6. Tomo,
    Tony Fernandez (Air Asia, founder) has only just got the plan approved as in it will take awhile before service commences.
    All of Malaysia is waiting too. laugh.
  7. Suzi,

    Sounds like you have your finger on the pulse so let us know if you hear anything positive.

    We used Air Asia a couple of times during our recent travels and found them cheap and pretty good - I live in hope!


  8. Hey Tommo
    How come no mention of doing a rear shunt manouver up on Doi Shutep
  9. John,

    I thought it might be innapropriate to advertise my trying to insert my inflated front end into your pertly raised rear end half way up a mountain but I guess the cat's out of the bag now!!



    NB. John, see report under North Thailand before hunting me down and feeding me to the salties..
  10. Whilst I'm at it, here's a snap of a mottley crew at the infamous Kafe complete with celebratory tinsel of course!! Should they be named (I was never good with names..)?


    MBT32 - Davidfl - Lizzie - Tomo - Tropicaljohno - MrsWideGlideNig - MrWideGlideNig - Pikey - Silverhawk... phew!
  11. Hey Tomo, gee you good remembering names..... you should go on those UK game shows when everything comes past on a conveyor belt, and you have to remember all the items, you would probably walk away wit everything...
  12. T.J,

    Now you are definitely showing your age! The show i reckon you are thinking about was "Sale of the Century" with Nicholas Parsons and Anthea Redfern (forget who ended up shagging her - no, remember, it was "Brucie" right?). Feck, I am getting old as this was on when i lived with my folks and my idea of a good saturday night was a lemonade and a bag of crisps. How times change....

    Fast forward to 2007 and the "Sale of the Century" has been ressurected, BUT, picture this, it's only for true believers in two wheels. What would be on the conveyer belt?

    Nicholas P: "OK Pikey, you now have 30 seconds to remember as many objects that went past you on the conveyer. Everything that you remember will be yours to take home tonight"

    Pikey: "Thanks Nick, time to fill me boots: KTM950SM, Triumph T100 & Scrambler, Dianese leathers, 5 Drawer Snap-On tool kit, , Axo boots, California Superbike School voucher, RTW voucher with Dr G as a guide, £30,000 in lieu of a years work to enjoy it all, and lastly, a f*cking teddy bear!"

    Tomo, looking forward to caching up with you and the "others" on my next trip to Bmth!


  13. Wasn't the one everyone remembered the 'cuddly toy'?

    I'm busy reviewing what (and who..) should be on my conveyor belt as we speak...

    Pikey, your ears should have been burning the other day - Nig was in Winton Kawasaki (or whatever they are now called..used to be Kinson I think?) and showed some holiday snaps to his mate the MOT man, who said " Ere, what the bleeding hell is Jeff Pike doing in yer photies??".

    You just can't go anywhere without being spotted can you?
  14. Tomo, the cuddly toy" has been updated to "the f*cking teddy bear" coz they were so prim and proper way back then....

    I remember the gaff in Kinson (Powerbike Kawasaki - used to be a petrol station???) but never went there, never bought from them and never new anyone who worked there. Who's the MOT guy? I know many people in the "local" bike shop scene from way back and would be interested to know who knows me /wants to shoot me/wants to take the piss out of me - although there are probably many [;)]


    Pikey (trying to keep a low profile.....)
  15. Pikey,

    In the interests of National Security I've responded off line. Standard Black Op procedures clearly prohibits my naming names in an open forum.

    I kinda miss the prim & proper days myself! Less is often more...



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